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Welcome to the Port Carling Boats site

April 26, 2016 in Blog

Welcome to the Port Carling Boats website! We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle. Check out our links at the bottom of this page, too!

Your source for Cottage life in Muskoka Ontario and Antique and Classic Wooden Boats

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Chris-Craft inspires a Boattail Speedster!

April 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

What a project! It’s difficult to imagine the funds, patience and creativity to pull off a custom build like this!

Story from Eduardo Engel
“Highbouy” BOATTAIL SPEEDSTER (from Deco Rides)
Boat tail speedster-1
“We purchased a wrecked 1997 C-5 Corvette, then engaged Ram’s Rod Shop in Dover, DE to strip away the parts we didn’t want/need, and the ‘Vette ended up in Hudson, FL for the Brandl family to attack. We supplied the C-5 ‘Vette, a 1937 Studebaker for the frame, a Fat Man Fabrications front suspension, wheels and tires, a Dick Rodwell/Stanley Wanlass Salt Lake Rodware windshield, an Alumicraft grille and a Deco Rides Boattail body. Superior did the rest. Normally we retain close control on construction of our projects, but other than design direction, we had so much faith in Superior that we let them have almost free reign on most of the construction. We trusted them and we’re happy with the result.

Boat tail sppeedster-2
Since having fun with cars is a big part of our mission in life, from the inception of the project we thought it would be fun to make the Boattail look like a vintage wood speedboat. The idea was to adhere wood veneer to the top surface of the body and add the white calking lines to make it look like an old Chris Craft from the 40’s… Then we planned to use Cliff McKillop of The Good Stuff Paint Company in Rochester Hills, MI to do the job, as he is a highly respected “wood look” guy with more reasonable prices. But because that would have required taking the car out of the FL shop and transporting it to MI for a month, then transporting in back to FL, and because we wanted to have the car done for the Detroit AUTORAMA … we chose another artisan. Strictly by coincidence, and as an incredible stroke of luck, we found out that Melissa Brandl, wife of Rich Jr. (who built the majority of the car at Superior), has been refinishing furniture and kitchen cabinets for her livelihood. We asked her if she wanted to tackle the job (which would save us months plus a round trip to Michigan) and gladly, she accepted the challenge.”
Boat tail speedster-3

Boat tialed Speedster-4

Boat tail Speedster-5

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Our newest listing: A Lakefield Beaver, 16 ft. 1955.

April 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

Lakefield Beaver: 16 ft. 1955


The Beaver has been restored, well finished and in excellent condition. The boat was in dry storage for over 50 years.  It comes with a 1955 Mercury Mark 55 E electric with all controls, plus a 1958 Johnson 35 Sea Horse Super Quiet with all controls. Both motors are in good running condition.  The boat has been rarely used for most of its life.
Also included in the sale is a custom made trailer in very good condition, with new tires and rims.  (More photos below).
Price $9,900 or best offer.   For contact information,  please click on the link.  ad #pb686



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Earth Day: a perfect time to buy a “Maine Peapod”!

April 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

This charming, 14 ft. custom made (early 2000s) boat is still available.
Notes form the owner:
This is an authentic wooden replica of a 14 foot Maine Peapod classic rowboat. It is a double-ended, lapstrake wooden boat in excellent condition. It includes a trailer, canvas cover and a set of handmade oars. It is a beautiful boat to row. She was built by Mike Corrigan on Wolfe Island.
Price $4500 For contact information, please click on the link. Ad number pb608
A great description of the boat by Artisan Boatworks,can be found below.
Peapods are one of the traditional indigenous small craft of the Maine Coast. They were developed by Native Americans before the arrival of Europeans, for use on salt water, and could be described as a canoe adapted for rough water and heavy carrying capacity, rather than light weight and portability. Originally constructed in the traditional manner using birch bark as a hull sheathing material, Europeans soon adapted them to plank-on-frame construction and for propulsion by oar and sail.
Until the advent of outboard motors, peapods were often the “entry level” fishing and lobstering boat in Maine, and were often rowed off shore in the morning with the expectation of returning under sail courtesy of the typical afternoon seabreeze. If you were caught out in rough weather they would almost always get you home safely.
While they are seldom used for work anymore, peapods represent the ultimate in a seaworthy open boat with their double-ended hull form, considerable beam, and tremendous buoyancy. They will live, on the end of a towline, when many dinghies would swamp, and this is a good thing because they are too large to bring aboard the typical cruising yacht. Despite their size, they tow with minimal resistance, and are thus one of the few yacht tenders that are usually capable of carrying a yacht’s entire crew, plus a lot of gear, in complete safety. For decades they were the typical tender for Maine cruising boats whose owners could afford something more than a minimal dinghy.
To our way of thinking one of the best things about a peapod is that they are pretty much impossible to outfit with an outboard motor. They are for rowing and sailing only. As a rowboat, peapods are easily propelled by one person, but they have the advantage of accommodating two pairs of oars and two oarsmen, when desired. You can cover a lot of ground quickly and with surprisingly little effort, with two people rowing. Peapods are typically absolutely symmetrical, fore and aft, and traditionally require a “peapod rock” consisting of a round beach stone, to weigh down the end designated as the stern, thus making the boat track straight. As a sailboat, peapods are traditionally built with neither a rudder nor a centerboard, depending on a long, shallow keel for lateral plane, and being steered by shifting crew weight forward and aft. If that sounds impractical, think again. A rudder introduces a fair amount of drag in any boat, so its absence contributes to speed. A rudder serves as much to prevent a boat from turning as to cause it to turn, and many people have been surprised to find how easy it is to make a rudderless peapod turn, tack, and jibe, and how easy it is to hold them on course with only subtle movements of the helmsman. The long, shallow keel makes this easier by tending to track straight and by causing strong shifts in balance, for steering, when weight is shifted in the boat. You could call it Down East windsurfing, good for less athletic sailors and for cold water. The usual centerboard trunk will not be missed, inside the boat. The spritsail rig has no boom, so one can easily row out of a tight spot without taking the sail down and without being hit in the head by the boom. Also the sail can be tightly furled against the mast by winding the halyard around it, a great convenience when tying the boat up at a dinghy dock or when she lies astern of a larger boat, ready to use.
A peapod would represent an excellent day-sailer or beach cruiser and would tow on a very light trailer. For the faint of heart she can be built with a rudder if desired! A centerboard would come easily, too, for better windward performance.
Joel White’s peapod, like many of his small boat designs, seems to take everything good about the type and combine it in one, very beautiful design that represents the ultimate evolution of the type to date.

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Four unique “Muskoka boats” now available

April 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

It has come to our attention that four very special Muskoka-housed vessels are now available for purchase.

The first, the 70 foot “Rambler” cruiser, is a well known feature of the Muskoka waterways. Built in 1903 by Polson Iron Works in Toronto, she has been very well maintained over the years. She is currently powered by a 170 hp. GM diesel engine. Price $775,000

Also available is a 1980, 33 foot Vic Carpenter runabout, powered by twin super-charged Hemi engines which provide a top speed of 75-85 mph. Price: $365,000

Miss Canada IV, the iconic Canadian race boat made famous by the Wilson husband and wife team, is available for $775,000. Powered by a 3000 h.p. Rolls Royce Griffon engine, she was the first boat to unofficially break the 200 mph speed record. A hydraulic trailer is included in the sale.
miss canada iv poster

Miss Canada IV-6
Finally, a faithful reproduction of Miss Canada II is on the market for $395,000. Built by Duke Boats in the 1980s, she is powered by a 760 hp V8 engine and will reach speeds of 90 mph. She comes complete with trailer.
Miss Canada IV

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Dramatic price reduction on Century Resorter

April 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Century Resorter: 20 ft, 1948
The Century is very original: with newly refinished stain and varnish. The boat carries its original hardware. The bottom is sound. The Century is powered by a 6 cylinder Hercules engine (6 volt) with new fuel lines – in reasonable condition. Included in the sale is a single axle trailer in excellent condition.
Original price: $9,990. New price: $6,800 WOW! (April 19, 2016)
For further details and contact information, please click on the link. Ad# pb675






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Our newest listing: Alberg sailboat, 22 ft, (late 1970s).

April 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

This environmentally friendly watercraft offers great cruising capacity at a very reasonable price. (A six hp. outboard motor is also included in the sale)
Notes from the owner:
Alberg Sailboat 22 ft.
“Why take the kids camping when for less than the cost of a camping trailer you can own a 22 foot live-aboard sailboat. The Alberg 22 sleeps 4 comfortably and is equipped with a head (toilet) with extended range tank, sink and cooler for your food and beer. The Alberg 22 is a safe sail boat with a full keel. It is self righting. Several Alberg 22 boats have sailed across the Atlantic to Europe!”
Price: $4,999 For further specifics and contact information, please click on the link. Ad#pb685




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A versatile watercraft featured for Environment Week!

April 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Price reduction on Chestnut Northman Square Stern freighter canoe, 16 ft, 1990
This very functional canoe (in very good condition) has a carrying capacity of 900 pounds! WOW! The transom will accept an engine up to 5 horsepower. Weighing in at 100 pounds, the Northman comes with a mini two-wheeled
canoe “side kick” to make transportation easier.
Construction is fibreglass over cedar-strip.
Length 16 ft, beam 39 ” and depth 13″ with a bow depth of 17″
Original price was $1600. New price, April 2016: $1100. For more photos, details and contact information please click on the link pb589
(Editor’s note: This seems to be a very reasonable price for this boat)


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Our newest listing: a custom Duke Special: 22 ft, 1950

April 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

One of a Kind, 1950 22 ft. Duke Special custom built for a Muskoka Lakes client.
Notes from the owner:
“This mahogany runabout was custom built in Port Carling in 1950 and is unlike other Duke runabouts, there is a pass through from the rear seat to the front, no crawling over decks. The boat is 95% original wood, with all new white oak engine stringers and pressure treated plywood floor replacing the original spruce dead wood . The engine, a 6 cylinder Gray marine of approximately 105 HP, rebuilt by PAL engines in 1987, comes with manuals.”
Price: $40,000 Ad #pb684 For contact information, please click on the link. pb684



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Manotick Classic Boat Club Spring Boat Shop Tour

April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Manotick Classic Boat Club will again this year host their Annual Shop Tour.
gentleman's racer pb418-6
Be sure to take this opportunity to see some interesting and often rare boats undergoing repair or restoration, get hints and advice on your project from the pros or maybe find that boat or part you’ve been searching for.

As always, your cost for the day is just your fuel and meals. For details on the shops, directions and a map see the Manotick Chapter website under the “Events” tab.

There will be six shops open for the Manotick Classic Boat Club 2016 Shop Tour. Then a gathering is planned at Marlborough Pub & Eatery.

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Volunteers save a “Dippy” in Gravenhurst, Ontario

April 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Have you ever wanted to restore a wooden boat, but lacked the resources, space and know-how to do it?
Take a cue from these volunteers in Gravenhurst, Ontario, who meet every Wednesday morning in a Gravenhurst Bay workshop to hone their woodworking and restoration skills. Currently on tap are a 1930s Disappearing Propeller Boat, as well as a Rice Lake and Peterborough Prospector canoe. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to contact the Antique and Classic Boat Society to set up your own group!
PS: One of the group owns the Dippy, but has promised access to it for group members.
Enjoy the photos and video below.

Gravenhurst Boat shop 2 - Copy

This 1930s Lindsay Dippy was tree damaged in a storm.

Gravenhurst Boat Shop 3 - Copy

Volunteer Ray Richards finds his “groove” with a sanding block.

Gravenhurst Boat Shop 4 - Copy

Small, closely spaced ribs help to identify this Rice Lake canoe as historic.

Gravenhurst Boat shop 5 - Copy

MIke Schumaker scrapes the interior of this Peterborough Prospector

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You have to see this to believe it! 8,000 boats!

April 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Spectacular event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Every five years the parade of ships SAIL Amsterdam takes place. In August thousands of vessels, from small sailboats to large replicas of caravels arrived at the IJ bay north of the city all together and then passed to the capital of the Netherlands in 2015 involving 8,000 vessels are given! Impressive right ?
boat parade 1

boat parade -2

boat parade 3

boat parade 4

boat parade 6

boat parade 7

boat parade 8

boat parade 9

boat parade 10

boat parade 11

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Our newest listings: two project sailboats.

March 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

For those who love sailing and may be seeking out an economical project boat (or two), we have the answer.
The two Belle Isle Bearcat sailboats below can be yours for $500!
The price of either single boat is $300. Both Bearcats are in basically sound condition, but require intensive cosmetic attention. Please see the descriptions and links for both below.

Belle Isle Bearcat: 14 ft, 1950

This is a centre-board day sailer. The boat comes with three sails, a wooden mast and boom. Included is a trailer with mast supports.
“GP14″ stands for General Purpose, 14 ft. This boat’s weight is 340 lbs. and the mast is also shaped hollow, 22 length with 112 sq.ft. sails.
I will consider selling the two sailboats together for $500.
(pb681 and pb682)
The price of this boat alone (pb682) is $300.
For contact information, please click on the link. pb682

pb681-2Belle Isle Bearcat: 13.25 ft, 1960
The hull on this boat is sound, but the boat needs intensive cosmetic care. (sanding, paint or varnish). All equipment is included except the the control cable and block for the boom; (that controls the main sail.)
The light weight of the boat (240 lbs) makes it easily trailerable. Also, the shaped hollow mast is 21 feet long with 113 sq.ft. of sails.
Trailer included.
Notes from the owner “I have a small trailer underneath the Enterprise which could come with the boat, but it wold be safer to transport the boat on another trailer.
Great project boat!
Price$300. For contact info, please click on the link. Ad number pb681

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And now for something completely different!

March 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s amazing how many lovers of vintage boats also appreciate antique and classic cars. If this applies to you, enjoy the video of the March 2016 Myrtle Beach Antique/Classic car and truck show. Some 3,000 cars and trucks made it to the show this year, making it about the biggest event on the Eastern Seaboard.

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Our newest listing: A stunning 22 ft. Shepherd.

March 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

Shepherd open cockpit runabout: 22 ft, 1957
This beautiful Shepherd features a newly restored bottom and a solid mahogany interior. The boat has been refreshed with 26 coats of marine varnish, newly upholstered seats with marine fabric and re-chromed hardware. The engine has been serviced and winterized.(Fall (2015)
Price: $39,000 Ad #pb683
For further details and contact information, please click on the link. pb683 (Additional photos below)




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Our newest listing: a fully rebuilt Chrysler Ace engine: 6 cyl., 1948.

March 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Chrysler Ace Marine engine: 6 cyl. 1948
This engine was completely restored in 2015 by Peterborough Automotive: $6,800 was spent on the rebuild (paperwork available). Work undertaken included a new block, new seals and water jacket, conversion to 12 volt, etc.(Approx.100-110 hp) The sale includes a set of gauges, two propellers, a 3/4″ stainless steel drive shaft, and a stuffing box.
Price: $7,000. Ad #pb07
For contact information, please click on the link. pb07