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Welcome to the Port Carling Boats site

October 30, 2014 in Blog

Welcome to the Port Carling Boats website! We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle. Check out our links at the bottom of this page, too!

Your source for Cottage life in Muskoka Ontario and Antique and Classic Wooden Boats

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Friday October 31, 2014

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Join us at the Antique And Classic Boat (Toronto Chapter)  Fall workshop at Woodwind Yachts, where Ken Lavalette and his staff have lots to teach us about wooden boat restoration.  (Part one below)

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Wednesday October 29, 2014

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More from Woodwind Yachts!
Fridays are varnish days at Ken Lavalette’s shop in Nestleton, Ontario.  Before varnishing, the shop floor is cleaned, (and sometimes watered down).  All excess clothing is removed and Ken and staff move around very slowly so as not to raise dust. If the varnish job is to be a “show finish”,  a plastic tent will be constructed around the boat. The vessel is vacuumed and then rubbed thoroughly twice with a tack cloth
Ken and staff use a “roll and tip” method of varnishing.  A foam roller is used first to apply a layer of varnish.  Roller pressure, (sometimes applied at right angles to the planking to fill cracks) can be applied with enough pressure to really penetrate into the wood fibres.  Following the roller stage, a brush is used to lightly “tip” or smooth the varnished surface.  WIthout the “tipping” from the brush, the roller would leave small stiple marks in the varnish.
Ken points out that it doesn’t take too long to varnish a boat.  It’s the preparation that takes the bulk of the effort.
For the first three coats, and Epiphanes product requiring no sanding between coats. For the remaining coats, sanding is applied between varnish coats.

(Below) Ken and a competitor competed in a Varnish Off at Saturday’s workshop.  Guess who won?IMG_3360

Steve demonstrates the “roll and tip” method on a cedar strip Lakefield. (below).  (The green hull is coated with an Epiphanes bottom paint)

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Tuesday October 28, 2014

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ACBS Toronto Fall Workshop at Woodwind Yachts
Many thanks to Ken Lavalette and his knowledgeable staff for a rewarding and informative day spent with wooden boats this past Saturday. The workshop featured instruction on removing fasteners from unwanted planking, applying new planks, varnishing techniques, tool sharpening, care of brushes, steam bending, boat licencing and a myriad of other restoration details. (Ken also makes a mean bowl of chili!) It was really worth the drive to Nestleton.

Woodwind’s famous reproduction Peterborough IMG_3335

This sleek 30 ft. Dragon class racing sailboat (above) sets the standard for streamlined design.

The Hacker design gentleman’s racer below, (built in the 1990s) was in for a new transom and additional work. Inadequate ventilation was mentioned as a likely contributing factor to the premature wood rot.

Steve used this 22 foot Greavette (below), in for a major restoration, as a model to demonstrate fastener removal and new plank installation. Steve emphasized that adjoining planks must butt together across the full thickness of each plank, not just along an edge.

Woodwind Yachts staff make use of electric heat guns (below)  rather than chemical strippers, when possible, as they are less messy and require less cleanup.  A note of caution when stripping paint or varnish from marine plywood: excessive heat may cause delamination of the layers.  Apply heat gently!


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Friday October 24, 2014

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Sorry folks, it’s sold
This exquisitely hand-crafted, 16 foot Whitehall design row-boat has just sold through the Port Carling Boats website for $4,500. The beautiful wine-glass transom really sets this row boat apart as a timeless classic. We wish the new owners countless hours of quiet, carefree boating. (Formerly ad number pb578)

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Thursday October 23, 2014

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The restoration of an 18 ft, 1963 Thompson…or “Rob’s Folly!”
This marine ply lapstrake Thompson runabout was purchased in Michigan this past June for $1500, including the trailer. It seemed like an excellent value, as the owner had dropped the price by about 75%. A close inspection was impossible, as the floor boards and sides had been covered with stapled and glued indoor-outdoor carpeting. When the carpeting was removed, a significant number of broken, rotted ribs, several bad planks and a damaged interior keel were discovered. It seemed a shame to scrap the Thompson, so restorative work began.
At first blush, the boat looked great!
Unfortunately, the engine needed removal to access the affected planks and ribs. The shop ceiling was too low to allow for interior removal so an excavator was employed for the job!
This view shows the Thompson interior stern end minus the engine! It’s difficult to see the damaged areas without a closer look.
Finally, the Thompson was hauled to a friend’s shop so work could begin on removing the affected planking. As this Thompson’s lapstrake planking was fastened with nuts and bolts, (countersunk and puttied over, removing the hundreds of fastenings can up to five minutes for each one!(Video below)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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South West ACBS Austin Hill Country Boat Show, Oct 17-19, 2014
Many thanks to Kerry Price for forwarding the video of this year’s Antique and Classic Boat Show (Texas). These folks sure know how to have fun and enjoy their wooden boats! (Video by David Kanally)

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Friday October 17, 2014

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Our newest listing: an eye-catching Jafco Seamaster, 17.8 ft, 1956. (Please see details below the photos.)
This charming,versatile 17′ 8″ foot Jafco Seamaster is powered by a 100 hp. Gray marine engine, with a new transmission installed in 2013. The body has been refinished and a chine plank has also been replaced. The owner has a total of $22,000 invested in the Seamaster.
“Eleanor” is a beautiful boat and will bring years of pleasure to her new owners.
Asking $17,500 but the price is negotiable. For contact information, please visit ad number pb622 on the Classic/Antique Boats page, or click on the link. pb622

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Thursday October 9, 2014

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Dippies here, Dippies there, Dippies Dippies everywhere!
The photo below features a “gaggle” of Dippies strutting their stuff at the Muskoka Lakes Assocation boat show in Port Carling, Ontario.
Not all Dispros have attained show quality. The shots below illustrate a Dippy in need of some significant TLC. Even a stripping and re-varnishing of this boat would do wonders. Probably time to call in the Dippy Doctor, Paul Dodington, to take the engine under is wing, too!

Tuesday October 7, 2014

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Can you help keep the Segwun operational?

HMS Segwun
We are embarking upon a vital restoration project for RMS Segwun beginning next week. Now in her 127th sailing season, the project will be extensive structural restoration to the deck under the wheelhouse and associated electrical and mechanical work. This work is urgently needed and has been estimated to cost over $150,000. It includes lifting the wheelhouse, rebuilding the deck and putting the wheelhouse back in place along with all of the many mechanical/electrical linkages to the engine room.

Over 100 Segwun enthusiasts have contributed so far and we are looking for 100 more to finish the campaign. The iconic Segwun is award-winning and community owned and she is operated by a registered, not-for-profit organization.

The work on Segwun will begin after Thanksgiving and will be completed in time for the start of the 2015 sailing season. It will be the single biggest restoration initiative in over 30 years.

100% of funds raised will be spent on Segwun!

If you haven’t already contributed, please consider supporting Segwun and this important restoration project.


Contributions can be made by contacting the
Muskoka Steamship & Historical Society at 1-866-687-6667.

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Monday October 6, 2014

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Disappearing Propeller Boats video
The charming “Science on the Move” video below, shows a series of ‘Dippies” in all their glory, including insights on the operation of their sometimes cantankerous engines and disappearing prop mechanism. (Please be patient. The video doesn’t really begin until the 33rd second.) Enjoy!

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Friday October 3, 2014

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Sorry, it’s gone. The 1949, 20ft. SeaBirD (ad number pb617 ) has sold within about two weeks of appearing on the Port Carling Boats website. Congratulations to the vendor and the new owners, who drove from east of Quebec city to take possession of their “Bird”. We wish them lots of happy boating.
(See photos below)
A note to all our viewers: if you know the ad number of a boat that interests you, you can now click on the Boat Ad Number tab at the top right of the home page and insert the ad number for quick retrieval.

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October 1, 2014

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The Year of the “Dippy”
2015 will be declared the ‘year of the Dippy”, as the disappearing propeller boat mechanism was invented almost one hundred years ago. The Disappearing Propeller Boat, ( also known as a D.P., Dippy, or Dispro) will be the featured boat of the 2015 ACBS Boat show in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada.
In honour of the Dippy, we’ll feature this iconic vessel periodically over the next few months. Enjoy the video below.

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Tuesday September 30, 2014

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Unique Sea-Sled makes appearance at ACBS Boat Show.
This truly unique 1917 Hickman Sea Sled, powered by twin engines and monstrous propellers, will surely fly across the water with it’s catamaran type hull. Note the unique rudder configuration.



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Monday September 29, 2014

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New photos of stunning Gar Wood, 25 ft, 1996
We have received several new photos of this outstanding Gar Wood.
“This magnificent boat is a custom triple cockpit Gar Wood Streamliner. It is one of two 25 foot models known to be built by the Gar Wood Custom Boat Co. This is a 1996 version of the antique 22 foot Gar Wood Streamliner built in 1938 through 1941. She is 3 feet longer and one foot wider than the original to maximize passenger comfort and performance.The power is a Mercruiser 7.4 liter V8 with velvet drive. (50 mph) The engine is mounted in the rear of the boat, behind the passenger cockpits to allow full walk-through between cockpits, which is unique for a triple cockpit model. It has hydraulic steering, fold –down windshield, dual 4 inch exhaust, and seating for 9 passengers. Comes with a full water line cover and custom tandem axle trailer with new tires on 4 wheels, all having electric brakes. For the full story on this boat, please click on the link.pb559
(Note to Mr. Eric Pryor: We have been unable to return your email inquiry. Please contact Rob at 705-788-1802 if this boat is still of interest)

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Friday September 26, 2014

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Our newest listing…The price is right!
For the budget conscious…a great winter restoration project!
Canadian cedar-strip “Rocket” 14 ft.
The price is right on this very restorable light-weight runabout..a great winter project for the home handy-man or woman. A refinishing, transom knee, plastic wind shield and several rib replacements should bring this boat back to good running condition. The engine included is a 1958 Johnson, electric start engine, which turns over.The owner, John of Webster’s Beacon in Dwight Ontario, indicates that the seat backs and hardware are “all there” as are the windshield brackets.
The Canadian is priced to sell at $695. For contact information, please see ad number pb620 on the Classic/Antique Wooden Boats page, or click on the link. pb620