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July 31, 2015 in Blog

Welcome to the Port Carling Boats website! We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle. Check out our links at the bottom of this page, too!

Your source for Cottage life in Muskoka Ontario and Antique and Classic Wooden Boats

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Friday July 31, 2015

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Our newest listing A Greavette Sunflash: 20 ft, 1963
This open cockpit Greavette is powered by a newly refreshed 327 ci Chevrolet engine with Alpha outdrive. The hull is very sound. It has been used often this year (2015). The Sunflash features a reinforced two inch thick mahogany transom, (installed about 7 years ago). The boat will easily pull skiers. The blue and white upholstery is perfect.
Six or seven years ago, the Sunflash underwent a complete “ground up” restoration by Classic boats in Orillia, Ontario. $45,000 was invested in the boat at that time. An appraisal afterwards valued the Sunflash at $35,000. Currently, the deck varnish needs cosmetic work to bring the Greavette back to Muskoka Show Quality. A trailer in good operating condition is included with the sale.
Price: $9,999. For further information, please see ad number pb655 on the Antique/Classic Wood” boats age, or click on the link. pb655
Also below the photos, please see the additional information about the Greavette Sunflash models, graciously provided by Sean Conroy.

• The first Sunflash model was made in 1960.
• Tom Faul designed the Sunflash as a plywood boat and was not in favour of planking it. (Greavette sold many planked versions of all “marks” as an option at the customer’s request.)
• The Sunflash II was introduced in 1963.
• There were 4 versions or, “marks” (Sunflash, Sunflash II, III, and IV) the last Sunflash named model was made in 1973.
• Production of different versions overlapped (i.e. Mk. IIIs were made into the 70’s)
• Mk. IV hull was introduced in 1968.
• The SS165 was a shortened Mk. IV hull with “lounge” seating. (Similar to a Donzi 16’ Ski Sporter)
• In 1974 the Sunflash mk. IV hull was renamed “Montique” and became a luxury model (second in the lineup to the Executive II).
• In 1978 six fiberglass hull boats (with mahogany decks) were made from the mk. IV hull and simply called “Runabout”.
• It is believed the last Montique was made in 1978. (I have not found her yet)
• There were several variants of the Sunflash hull through the marks including an outboard version, a utility version and a shortened (16’) ski/sport version.
• There is was a vinyl deck version.
• Over the years the Sunflash came in lengths from 16’(SS165) to 19’(custom order) but, most were 17’, 17.5’ or 18’. (Greavette would build what you wanted … and paid for)
• Drives included inboard v-drive, Eaton stern drive, Mercruiser Sterndrive, and outboard.
• Engines include I-4 cyl GM (120 & 140 HP), I-6 cyl GM (160 &165 HP), I-6cyl Ford (100HP), Mercury 1000 (100 HP I-6 “tower of power” outboard).
• No V6… ever.

There are a myriad of differences in specification and appointment in all areas. Some even follow running changes during a production model year. There are also custom orders that are unique. I have documented many of these but, it would take a book to compare and contrast them all.

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Thursday July 30, 2015

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Do you love vintage automobiles and “cruising” numerous wooden boats for sale? If you responded with a “yes” you’ll likely enjoy Part !V of the ACBS Toronto Chapter’s annual international vintage boat (and car) show. (Video below).

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Tuesday July 28, 2015

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Vintage boat show, Gravenhurst Ontario, sponsored by the Toronto Chapter, Antique and Classic Boat Society. (Part III)

The joy continues with highlights from this international celebration of antique and classic boats. Stock up on wooden boat memories to tide you through next January!

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Monday July 27, 2015

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Our newest listing: a cedar-strip Peterborough Sportsman, 14 ft.
Notes from the owner…“This cedar-strip beauty was completely restored in 2008 and has been stored indoors since. The boat is in very nice condition. The sale does not include a trailer or motor.” Asking price $3,400. For contact information, please see ad number pb653 on the class/antique boats page, or click on the link. pb653

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Sunday July 26, 2015

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Vintage Wooden Boat Show, Gravenhurst, Ontario, July, 2015 (Part II); sponsored by the Toronto Chapter, Antique and Classic Boat Society.
Enjoy additional “footage” of the recent international boat show, one of the largest in North America.

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Friday July 24, 2015

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Our newest listing: a Century Resorter 16 ft, 1955
The Century was purchased in 1991 by the current owner and sat in storage for a number of years, awaiting restoration. The owner has restored to the boat to its original sales flyer specs and colours. The Century is powered by a 4 cyl. 140 hp (estimated) . OMC Cobra engine (2010) and comes complete with a galvanized trailer in good sound condition, as well as a generic water resistant cover.
Additional notes from the owner below:
Restoration took place during summer months of 2004-2008.
Replaced a couple partial bottom planks, and Port and Starboard Gunwalls.
Stripped completely and refinished in TWO-TONE colours as per original.
(Former owner had stained uniformly dark walnut)
Reinforced (sistered) all side wall struts and epoxied to bottom frames.
Epoxy coated bottom. (No glass) Still some minor leaking, controlled by auto-sump.
OMC engine is a 3.0L but I am unsure about actual HP.”

Price: $9,900. For contact information, please see ad number pb654 on the Antique/Classic Boats page, or click on the link pb654 (See additional photos below).


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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Lonely Chris-Craft Riviera, 18 ft, 1951, longs for a new family.
This classic Chris-Craft, powered by a 95 hp 6 cylinder engine, has been in storage for long enough! It deserves better! The price on the “Chris” has been reduced from $24,000 to $12,000, including the trailer. It’s time for a buyer to rescue this boat!
See the video below for a better glimpse, and click on the ad number for contact information pb395

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Monday July 20, 2015

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You can have fun with a wooden boat in Muskoka without buying it! (The boat that is…not Muskoka!)
Stan Hunter, who operates Muskoka Launch Livery, offers Duke Playmates for hire in the Muskoka area. These user friendly, well maintained boats are a simple pleasure to operate and a wonderful way to enjoy boating with family and friends. For further information, please see Stan’s side bar ad to the right of this notice, or click on the link above. The video below, also provides a glimpse of these charming water-craft.

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Sunday July 19, 2015

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ACBS Show 2015-3

Cloud 9 is a Lloyd Hull launch, 24 ft, circa 1940

More images from the ACBS (Toronto Chapter) International boat show.
Even though it’s a very recent memory now, the photos below, taken by our secret sleuth, provide a partial recreation of this outstanding event..  (Stay tuned. More to come)

ACBS SHow '15-8

Sea Fleas are wonderful boats for the beginning builder….relatively inexpensive with a simple design.

ACBS Boat Show '15

Sewing machine? Steam engine? Volkswagen motor? No, it’s a Dispro motor!

ABCS Boat Show '15-6

This magnificent 1937 Cord is an exclusive Cobble Beach Concours D’Elegance automobile.

ACBS SHow '15-1

Talk about eye catching….

ACBS SHow '15-4

Luxuryin the 1930’s! Not everyone suffered during the Great Depression!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

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This beautiful, 42 ft. historic Swedish “motor yacht” (1905), advertised on the Port Carling Boats website, (pb524) has been sold and is coming to Lake Muskoka. We received this information for the vendor of ‘Northern Star” by email yesterday. What an exciting, wonderful addition to Muskoka’s fleet of vintage wooden boats! Let’s hope that this Pettersson salon vessel will be afloat in Muskoka as soon as possible!




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Thursday July 16, 2015

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Video highlights of the Gravenhurst ACBS International Boat Show
Enjoy part one of this year’s Gravenhurst show, held on Saturday July 11.
There’s lots of wooden eye candy to enjoy!

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Wednesday July 14, 2015

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ACBS 2015-12

The scope of the Gravenhurst show is huge.

ACBS International Boat Show in Gravenhurst a huge success
This past Saturday’s show, one of the largest in North America, featured some 166 boats in the water and 22 in land displays. Assisted by balmy weather and an enthusiast crowd, the Show was a knockout, much appreciated especially by the owners of Disappearing Propeller Boats, who saw their vessels celebrating the 100th anniversary of their birth. Enjoy a taste of the photographic highlights below.

ACBS 2015-1

DIppies here, Dippies there, Dippies, Dippies everywhere!

ACBS 2015-2

Check out our boat listings for Dippies for sale

ACBS 2015-3

“Fibre-glassics are a relatively new addition to the vintage boating world, This is a particular beauty.

ACBS 2015-4

This twin engine Merc racer is a frequent visitor to the show.

ACBS 2015-5

Her’s is a beautifully restored, 22 ft, 1949 Chris-Craft

ACBS 2015-6

CrackerJack is also a Chris-Craft of similar length and vintage (1947)


ACBS 2015-8

“Classmate”…a 1973, 23 ft. Chris-Craft

ACBS 2015-9

A beautifully restored 1964 gGeavette Sunflash

ACBS 2015-10j

“T-Rex” is a perfect name for this “monster” 1948, 22 ft. Shepherd

ACBS 2015-11

Stunning triple cockpit runabout with upholstery fit for royalty!

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Monday July 13, 2015

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Price reductions on two of our clients’ boats.
We have been instructed by the owners to reduce the price on the two vessels listed below.
The first, a head turning Clarion Gold Cup gentleman’s racer, was originally offered at $79,500. The new price is $69,000 USD For further information, please click on the link. pb615







Also offered at a reduced price is a great winter restoration project:a 1939 Port Carling SeaBird, originally priced at $4,000, now available for $2,999. For further details, please click on the link.pb640
Finally…stayed tuned for some video and photographic highlights of the ACBS International Boat Show held this past weekend in Gravenhurst Ontario.

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Wednesday July 8, 2015

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Our newest listing: a Peterborough Zephyr, 14 ft, 1956
This versatile cedar strip comes complete with a 1952, 25 hp Johnson outboard, mechanically restored by Ny Marine in 2005. Also included in the sale is a trailer, canvas cover and gas tank. Price: $3,200 or best offer. For contact information, please see ad number pb648 on the Antique/Classic Wood boats page, or click on the link. pb648


Note: engine shown with boat is not the original Johnson included in the sale


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Monday July 6, 2015

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Our newest listing: a MAGNIFICENT McNeil and Norris long deck launch; 36 ft, 1922
Notes from the owner:
This is a completely restored 1922 launch built by McNeil & Norris in Bala Ontario. The restoration of this boat was completed in the summer of 2010. Ian Marr who has had years of experience working on Muskoka boats and has worked for most of the Muskoka restorers was one of the principles in the restoration. I had the hull gone over in the summer of 2014, some minor repairs done and the hull re-caulked with 3M 5200 so that the boat could be placed directly in the water. The 6 cylinder Gray Marine engine has been completely restored. Also included in the sale is a custom built triple axle trailer with surge brakes. The boat was put in storage on a custom 3 axle trailer in 2011. All gas was drained from the fuel tank and carburetor so that a restart would require minimal effort. I have a photo album of the restoration showing all the new wood installed. This boat will be sold as is where is as the logistics and risk of launching, retrieval and re-pickling would be prohibitive and would be on the prospective purchaser. I do have pictures and some video on the launch underway and it is typical of a displacement launch of this size.
I have historical pictures of Pleasant View when it was owned by McNeil & Norris in Bala shortly after it was built. I also have pictures and other historical data from it’s long service with the Pleasantview Lodge on Mortimore’s Point.
During the restoration I kept an album of the restoration, clearly showing the work done. Photos can forwarded to serious parties.
Price: $199,900. For contact information, please see ad number pb649 on the antique/classic wood boats page, or click on the linkpb649