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March 20, 2015 in Blog

Welcome to the Port Carling Boats website! We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle. Check out our links at the bottom of this page, too!

Your source for Cottage life in Muskoka Ontario and Antique and Classic Wooden Boats

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Thursday March 26, 2015

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Price reduction on Chestnut Northman Canoe
We have been advised by the owners to reduce the price on this lovely canoe to $1300. For contact information, please see ad number pb589 on the “non motorized boats” page.
Chestnut Northman Square Stern freighter canoe, 16 ft, 1990
This very functional canoe (in very good condition) has a carrying capacity of 900 pounds! The transom will accept an engine up to 5 horsepower. Weighing in at 100 pounds, the Northman comes with a mini two-wheeled
canoe “side kick” to make transportation easier.
Construction is fibreglass over cedar-strip.
Length 16 ft, beam 39 ” and depth 13″ with a bow depth of 17″
Price was $1600. New price, March 2015: $1300. Ad number pb589

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Friday March 20, 2015

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Incredible Walth Boats: manufactured in Holland.
This European designed boat gives new meaning to the word luxury. Speed, elegance and style are combined here to produce the ultimate in contemporary wooden boating.
The company’s description of the Walth 1075 is below.

A Walth boat is built for the most passionate of wooden boat lovers: people who do not only want to buy the best boat money can buy, but who want to have a boat built specifically for them, to their exact specifications.  This is  why every owner of a Walth bot is personally involved in the design & building process of their boat. Walth boats are built to the highest standards in modern laminated construction. The deep v-bottom is double-planked with two layers of Okoume plywood. The third skin is Sipo mahogany, hand selected for both grain pattern and colour. Decks are made out of teak. A custom fabricated windshield defines the front of the cockpit., with the retro looking dashboard gauges. The cockpit has two custom fabricated Dutch leather seats. In the front the seats are placed on a polished stainless steel framing. They are power actuated to adjust for comfort. The floor of the cockpit is covered with natural teak. Directly underneath are stainless steel tanks holding fuel and fresh water. Getting to the engine compartment is easy. A single push of a button will lift the engine hatch. A second push will close it. The Walth 1075 is powered by 2x V10 viper engines 570 PK with sport masters from mercury racing. Sending the torque to the Mercruiser brave 3, to give a enormous feeling of acceleration when touching the throttle. A steady course and feeling of comfort that provides a ride you have never experienced. The Dutch Walth 1075 sets a new level of high performance boating combined with a distinguished appearance.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

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Italian Boat Restoration Company helps to keep Rivas Alive
The promotional material below outlines work done by this large restoration company in Clusane, Italy. The photos below attest to the quality of the workmanship.
For more than fifty years, Bellini Nautica has characterised excellence, passion and unbeatable professionalism in the boating field. Founded in 1960, Bellini Nautica is based in Clusane, on Lake d’Iseo’s banks; it showcases an advanced dockyard and cutting edge structures. From the restoration of vintage models to luxury yacht retail, Bellini Nautica offers a wide selection of services, thanks to a highly specialised team and strong partnerships with prestigious sailing brands like Cranchi and Riva, emblems of La Dolce Vita.




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Thursday March 12, 2015

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CLAYTON, New York (March 12, 2015) – The Antique Boat Museum (ABM), North America’s premier freshwater nautical museum based in Clayton, New York, announced today that the Caravan Stage Company will dock and perform at the Museum this coming August.

The Caravan Stage Company ( will float into the dock at the ABM this coming August 14 & 15 for two nights of high-flying, mesmerizing aerial acrobatics and a world-renowned theatrical performance that is sure to be the talk of the 1000 Islands this summer season.

Since its founding in 1970, the Caravan has provided invaluable opportunities for young people from all sectors of their multi-faceted society and has traveled the globe reaching audiences of all walks of life. The Caravan embodies a long tradition of traveling theatrical productions with their combination of innovative stylistic staging, imaginative music and dance, and colorful entertaining themes. The shows are all original productions expressing the issues and concerns of people inhabiting the environment of the 21st century.

One of the most unique aspects to this theatre is that all of the performances are done aboard a 100-foot long, 90-foot tall ship, which serves as their stage.

“The uniqueness of the Caravan is unmatched in the region and we are privileged to be the host site of these fascinating performances,” said Michael Folsom, ABM Director of Marketing & Communications. “Nowhere else will you find the opportunity to enjoy a summer evening along the water’s edge while being caught up in an exciting performance with music, lights, and aerial acrobatics. By bringing this show to the Museum, we are able to serve a different form of cultural importance in the North Country, while combining it with our everyday cultural role.”

The Clayton shows will be the only scheduled shows in Northern New York and on the United States side of the St. Lawrence River, making these shows more special and unique to the region.

The Caravan performance known as ‘Hacked: the Treasure of the Empire’ integrates text, poetry, video, humor, music, movement, masks, props and special effects into a magical theatrical experience that is both compelling and inspirational.

Tickets for the show are only $20 and can be ordered online at or by calling the ABM at 315-686-4104. In-person ticket purchases can be made when the Museum reopens on May 1. This event is lawn seating only and it is suggested to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets.

The event is supported in part by Watertown Savings Bank, Bella’s of Clayton, Vintage Doors, and 7News/Fox28.

About ‘Hacked’ by Caravan Stage Company

‘Hacked: the Treasure of the Empire’ plot revolves around the machinations of the Mammon trying to find the stolen treasure, the whereabouts known only to the Hackers. The Mammon must find it or else the Mammon Corp Regime will collapse.

This original Caravan show explores the quest for freedom of expression, in political & social discourse, within the world of the internet & virtual media; examines the ubiquitous presence of surveillance in our lives; and probes the ethics of the dissolution of the public, democratic control over the justice and penal systems.

‘Hacked’ features the entire pallet of Caravan theatrical stereographic treats such as passionate characters, poetic lyrics, exotic and melodic music, multiple video screens with a global array of imagery and visual trickery, unique aerial acrobatics, surreal lighting and sound, and a giant mega puppet that spies, swags, savages, swears, swoons and sings.

About The Antique Boat Museum

Located on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York, the ABM features a collection of over 300 antique and classic boats, among thousands of recreational boating artifacts. The Museum is home to the world’s largest runabout of its kind and a 112-year old gilded-age two-story houseboat. In 2015, the ABM will host the 51st annual Antique Boat Show and Auction, the longest running such show in North America. For more information, please visit the Museum’s website at

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Sunday March 8, 2015

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Video of ACBS Toronto Chapter Winter Workshop:
The recent workshop at Tom Adam’s boat shop in Part Carling treated participants to a glimpse of “Rita”, the 50 foot Minett, and two other beauties. You’ve seen the still photos…but a video is worth 10,000 words. Enjoy.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Two woodies await their turn in the varnish shop. Bring on Spring!

What’s new at Stan Hunter’s boat shop?

Nestled in Milford Bay, Lake Muskoka, is the boat shop of Stan (and son Crosley) Hunter, experienced and very capable professional boat builders/restorers. Stan recently completed a brand new long deck launch, which is featured in a newly released DVD, Boat Builder.
Current projects for the Hunters include a Duke utility and Seabird runabout. (See photos below.)
Also, if you aren’t inclined to take on ownership of a woody, but would love to get behind the wheel of a classic wooden boat, Stan Hunter has the answer! Check out Stan’s Muskoka Launch Livery side bar ad to the right of this post. Enjoy time on the water with a Duke Playmate “woody” for a summer vacation – without the obligations of ownership!

Below: A SeaBirD is being built up for a final coat of varnish.
Below: This Duke is being fitted out with engine, floors and seats.


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Friday February 27, 2015

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ACBS (Toronto Chapter) Winter Workshop: (Part III)
Engine Talk:
Matt Faribrass, marine mechanic extraordinaire, kindly brought an operational four cylinder engine to the workshop – and ran it!  Matt spoke about various means of assessing an engine’s condition, including a compression test and a visual piston chamber inspection for rust. Matt emphasized the importance of paying close attention to the engine peripherals,  including the carb(‘s) fuel pump, and electrical system.  An engine “rebuild”  does not necessarily mean that the peripherals have been inspected. A faulty fuel pump diaphragm for example,, can lead to gasoline leakage through the engine and a potential explosion.. As usual, an ounce of prevention….
Propeller Talk
Amanda Holloway, of United Propeller in Orillia, Ontario, commented, when asked, that four blade propellers generally offer smoother acceleration, while three bladed props are generally a little faster. A pitch of 13-13, she explained, is common in older boats. (the two “thirteens” refer to the diameter of the prop and the distance traveled to complete one full rotation). Amanda also noted that while many props are bronze (with manganese) a superior propeller will be composed of Nibral (a combination of nickel, bronze and aluminum).
Adhesive Talk
James Osler, a Muskoka restorer, talked about the value of Dolfinite 2005M a bedding compound, unfortunately only available in the United States. (It can be purchased there and brought across the border to Canada.)
For scarfing planks, James suggests using Sikaflex 291 or 3M Marine. For applications requiring flexibility, James utilizes #M 4200 or 3M5200

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Wednesday February 25, 2015

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ACBS (Toronto Chapter) Winter workshop, Part II.
As well as “Rita” the 50 foot Minett in the shop for a new bottom and engine rebuild, Tom Adams and his staff have also been working on a Greavette Sunflash and “Bella Vista III”, a 28 foot, 1928 Minett Shields. This beautiful long deck, displacement hull launch will surely turn heads, when completed,  wherever she goes.

Traditional putty (still wet) had been applied to the deck seams of Bella Vista III, just before our visit.



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Monday February 23, 2015

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ACBS Toronto Chapter Winter Workshop
Tom Adam’s Port Carling boat shop was abuzz this past Saturday as ACBS members gathered to hear words of wisdom from Tom and his staff, as well as superb mechanic Matt Fairbrass, the staff of United Propellers, and James Osler, who discussed marine adhesives.
One of the morning’s highlights was the appearance of RITA a wondrous 50 foot Minett, dating from 1914. (Photos below). This magnificent “picnic boat” is in for a major restoration, including a new bottom, and a complete engine rebuild (by Matt Fairbrass). Rita is so huge, it was impossible to take a stem to stern photo from inside the shop! Tom Adams estimates that Rita’s restoration will take about 20 months. Following restoration, she will return to her original home at a Lake Muskoka Island.

Rita's interior





Stay tuned from more updates from the Winter Workshop, coming shortly.

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Tuesday February 17, 2015

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Your Morning Smile! Just when you’d thought you’d “seen it all,” along comes a unique, if bizarre, wooden boat-motorcycle combination. Who would have thought it possible? The “Rockin Strawberry Motorcycle Gathering proves that some people just have too much time on their hands!

safe_image (1)


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Monday February 16, 2015

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Toronto Area Boat Shop Offers Skill, Experience
(Ed. note Many thanks to our secret sleuth for uncovering this informative story.)
“It’s a cold, February Sunday and Toronto is experiencing snow and slippery roads. I am suffering wooden boat withdrawal. All the Lakes in Muskoka are frozen (with two or three feet of ice) and snow covered.
There isn’t much chance of catching a gleaming mahogany Ditchburn Triple waiting at the Port Carling locks to open. So what is a wooden boat enthusiast to do?

While I could go into my garage and look at my 16 ft. wood canoe; but it is under a work bench in the garage, which would mean shoveling 16 ft of driveway to allow me a glimpse.
Then a great idea hit me. I launched the crackberry roledex and cranked out a note to Peter Code, a boat restorer who lives five minutes from my house, Peter has a 2000 sq. ft. boat shop that can accommodate a 38 ft boat!
Several days earlier, Peter’s wife had told me she had woven some new seat bottoms for a 100 year old Walter Dean racing canoe that was in the shop for some work. Also in the shop was a 15 foot stitch and glue sail boat, a 17 foot Toronto harbour built boat, as well as a couple of new canoes and a rowing skiff. Pete had also been busy building a 2nd storey inside this building for two canoe construction areas, as well as a soaking tank for steaming planks for canoes and boats.

When I arrived, Peter was busy planking a new 15 foot canoe. I immediately walked past a “Pocketship ” stitch and glue sailboat. Chesapeake Light Craft sells these boats either as plans only or pre-cut assembly kit with a CNC router. The latter version is shipped to you in a 4 x 10 ft box, weighing 540lb. You pop that into the back of your pickup truck and off you go. Buying the pre-cut wood saves you about 3 months of menial cutting work, but it really is the timing saved in fairing, as all the wood is within a 1/1000th inch of tolerance. This provides a very exact fit. Take a look at the way the two sheets of plywood are joined to form the side plank in the accompanying photo. The boat joints are all glassed and epoxied, as are all the external components of the boat. This provides a very light but strong hull.

This sailboat has room for two people to sleep, plus a head, storage – and you stay dry! The Pocketship is light boat that is easily trailerable with manageable sails and a mast. She is an excellent option for weekend sailing.

Behind Peter is the 2nd storey loft for the canoe building areas and the soaking tank. Facing Peter are two boats in for repairs this winter. The one with the brown paint to be removed is a 16 ft lapstrake rowing skiff from a builder named Crosswell from the Parry Sound area of Muskoka. It was bought at an auction. The purchaser decided thAT this was a job that needed a professional who could remove the paint without damaging the very old wood.

In the foregound is a blue lapstrake Aykroyd sailboat built in Toronto Harbour. That purchaser had never got around to repairing his boat’s bottom for a number of years, so Pete was handling the job for him.

…Which takes us to the Walter Dean Racing Canoe, constructed with longitudinal metal bands stretching the full plank length. These bands give the boat strength and keep it light. The band fits between two grooves in the planks to add rigidity to the boat. Look for the gold/green band on
the left hand side approximately 4 inches/2 planks down from the top edge. If you look carefully at the seats you will notice the back seat frame is much shorter on the right hand side. This allows the paddler to dig deep without leaning as much and tipping. Peter’s wife did an amazing job caning the seats.
Unfortunately the deck boards and the floor boards were beyond repair. Peter has remade these parts and they will be either matched to the boat’s patina or reveal that they are not original. This was a decision that the owner had yet to finalize when I visited Peter. This canoe is not a museum piece, but one that will be used on special occasions. Peter will take that into account when determining the materials and techniques to be used during the restoration.
When you look at the height of the stem you quickly realize that this canoe is not designed for freeboard; the angle and the shape of the stem also denote its function. One gunnel is original while the other one will have to be reconstructed. The rear deck needs work under the deck trim which will
not be visible for the most part. Quite a unique and rare canoe! it was great to see a canoe in such capable hands as Peter’s.

I really enjoyed Pete’s shop. He did not know I was coming for a visit, but you can see that the shop is clean, well lit and organized. The temperature and humidity are controlled. Peter seals off an area for varnishing and his work speaks for itself – even when a boat is 30 plus feet.

If you are looking for a someone to build or restore your antique boat, Peter has over 25 years of experience building and restoring his customers’ dreams in a cost effective manner.

You can reach Peter Code at Lakeview Canoe Company in Mississauga, Ontario. 416-518-2671 (email: petercode(at)

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Tuesday February 10, 2015

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Huge price reduction on historic Petterson motor yacht, 42 ft.

This spectacular, historic motor launch is a unique treasure.  Nordstjernan (Northern Star) is a beautiful salon boat in Honduras mahogany, built by the legendary Swedish boat constructor C.G.Petterson. NS is the oldest motor yacht in Sweden, safe and sound in good condition and with many original features. The engine is a Volvo Penta D2-55, fifty-five hp., from 2004, used only 400 hours. The boat is unique and antique, registered in the Motor Yacht Society and has received numerous awards, including MYS Walk Bollards. NS has also been exhibited at the Stockholm International Boat Fair 2005 (100-year anniversary) and has been featured in a number of boating magazines and the general press. The boat is well documented. Copies of the original drawings are available at the Maritime Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. The present home port of NS is in central Stockholm. The boat has about 18 comfortable seats for passengers.
Update form the owner, June, 2013
“The boat has been inspected by one of Sweden´s foremost experts in wooden boats and is found to be in solid condition with no objections.”
Original price was $199,500 USD New price, Feb, 2015 $62,000 USD, (less than 1/3 of original asking price) (Ed. note: With this kind of price reduction, serious consideration could be given to shipping the boat to Canada or the USA.
For further information, please see ad number pb524 on the Classic/Wooden Boats page, or click on the link. pb524

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Monday February 9, 2015

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Boat vendors: beware of Internet fraud attempts:
Luckily, Internet scams are becoming widely recognized. We received the same inquiry (below) from a so-called potential buyer as another of our clients. The first email from this individual asked about the vendor’s “bottom line” price, (not too suspicious) The second email reads as follows:
“I would like to inform you, am OK with the price and willing to pay for it, Arrangement for the payment and the pick up by my Transporter when Check clears in your account,my account officer will post Certified Check to your location ,It will take 3 days to book the money in your account. I want you to send the following details:
1, Full name
2, Full Address
3, Cellphone Number
4, Last Offer
I will wait for your response as soon as possible.

We have turned this individual’s contact information over to the Ontario Provincial Police, but would like to remind our vendors of fraud attempts.

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Friday, February 5, 2015

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Rob’s Folly (Continued from 2014)
Rob is partway through the restoration of his 1963 Thompson lapstrake runabout. With engine removed, the boat has been moved to the shop of Michael Cooke, north of Burke’s Falls, Ontario. Muskoka winters can be particularly frigid, with night-time temps. falling to -25 Celsius or below. Mike’s large shop is wood heated, and will only rise 20 degrees above the outside temperature, so work is scheduled on warmer days. Generously, Mike (the expert) allows Rob (the novice) to assist…helping to keep the costs down.
Despite a local mechanic’s comment that removing an outdrive is easy… “just unscrew the four big bolts”, it was anything but! Exhaust pipe, wiring, steering mechanism, etc. all had to be disconnected… not an easy task when the outdrive hadn’t budged in 50 years.
Finally, it popped! What is left is quite a mess!
The next stage in the restoration involves removing two starboard bottom planks, one port plank, as well replacing a number of ribs and the interior keel. Of course, the bottom planks have to be unscrewed/unbolted from the exterior. Mike will need multiple chiropractic treatments after this exercise!

Removing planks from a lapstrake hull is tricky, especially when they’re embedded with sikaflex. A thin, wide pry bar helps to loosen the planks. A rubber mallet completes the job. The photo below shows the missing plank
Marine mahogany plywood has been delivered from “Noah’s” in Toronto. This wood will replace the rotten planks. It’s quite expensive, (about $140 per sheet) but guaranteed by Lloyd’s of London to be seaworthy! Note: “Regular” plywood should not be used for marine applications
Stay tuned for the ribbing and keeling!

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Monday February 2nd, 2015

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Price reduction on beautiful Gentleman’s Racer:
Built by Reets Boat Works, in Mayfield New York, this stunning racer comes equipped with a 350  hp Mercury Scorpion engine. Complete with a triple layer West System bottom, the racer features a forward rumble seat and a spacious rear cockpit. A bow thruster is incorporated into the forward hull for greater manoeuverability. With only 78 hours on the engine, this boat is virtually new. a four blade prop helps propel the boat to 55 mph.  Included with the sale is a double axle Sierra custom trailer.
The original price was $100,000. New price, $78,500. For contact information, please see ad number pb536 on the Reproduction Wooden Boats page, or click on the link: pb536