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November 27, 2015 in Blog

Welcome to the Port Carling Boats website! We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle. Check out our links at the bottom of this page, too!

Your source for Cottage life in Muskoka Ontario and Antique and Classic Wooden Boats

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Friday, November 27, 2015

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Unique 38 foot Ditchburn, 1926, arrives at Mike Windsor’s Gravenhurst, Ontario facility for a (mainly) cosmetic make-over
“Blythewood”, a magnificent sedan cruiser, originally built for Sam McLaughlin, (founder of General Motors) is being treated to a make-over. Included in the project will be a new hull plank, and refurbishing of the cruiser’s cover boards. As well, she will be re-powered with a larger Kermath engine. “Blythewood” was originally constructed of vermilion wood, a tropical hardwood almost twice the weight of mahogany, somewhat similar to teak. The video below tells the story.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

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Power Boat Television to air wooden classic boat segment in the new year.
Boating continues into late fall as we hit the water in Muskoka, Ontario this morning to film this 1931 Ditchburn Rainbow Junior. We have been following its restoration at Clark Wooden Boats since March. This boat and another few projects, including one from Tim Butson Wooden Boat Builder will be a great feature in the new year. Stay tuned.




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Tuesday November 17, 2015

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Wooden boats needed for Toronto movie set!
Calling all “woody boaters’. Kari, from Maple Cage Productions, is desperately seeking boats that can be used on set for the film “xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage
See Kari’s note below:
Movie project
I’m working on a movie in Toronto and we’re looking for rustic wooden boats to dress a Thailand beach set in our studio. Attached are reference photos of the style we’re looking for.
Please let me know if you may know anyone with a rough boat we might be able to modify for our purposes.
The boats can be pretty wrecked. Preferably wooden, but I’m open to aluminum as well.
I’m also looking for aged rope, netting, buckets, etc. to dress into a small fishermen’s area on our beach.

Thanks very much,
(If you can help with this request, Kari can be reached at 647-837-3334)

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Thursday November 13, 2015

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The ultimate Torpedo stern classic
Billy Bea-4
For those of us already dreaming of the 2016 boating season, there’s nothing like a bit of wooden “eye candy” to whet our woody appetites. This Earl Barnes torpedo stern triple cockpit racer really fits the bill. Likely the best boat ever built by Barnes, this 1935, 24 foot work of art represents the very finest in craftsmanship and design.
Billy Bea-1

Biily Bea-2

Billy Bea-3

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Monday November 9, 2015

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Dramatic Price reduction on Vic Carpenter designed luxury cabin cruiser:

We have been instructed to reduce the price of this beautiful vessel by $205,000 to $895,000! WOW!

Built by Superior Sailboat Ltd. in 1990, this custom Cruiser offers 56 feet of pleasure on the water.
“POPS” (ex: MY TOY) was designed & constructed by master boat builder Vic Carpenter using a West System epoxy cold molding process. The boat is a strong sea boat, capable of 25 knot cruising speed. Her layout lends well to day trips, with accommodations for weekend outings. Personal inspection is highly recommended. This vessel is designed for the buyer for whom only the best will do.For further details and contact information, please click on the link. pb661









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Thursday November 5, 2015

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Wooden boats are alive and well in Europe.
Congratulations to the Coral Boat Company, located in, of all places, Poland.


Tahoe 2007 day 1-087-sml
This company has come out with several new designs to complement its existing fleet.Two new models presented here are the Tahoe (above and the 32 ft Vogue, below. The beautiful craft represented below surely reflect the ideals of the luxury market.


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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Our newest listing: an exciting Classic Craft Gentleman’s Racer: 20 ft, 1990
Built in AUCKLAND, New Zealand in 1990, “Herc” is a one owner boat. Construction details include:
decks and sides are two layers…1/4″ marine ply + epoxied 1/4″ African Mahogany outers,
the hull is 1/4″ marine ply + 5/8″ African Mahogany outers + exterior fiberglass. This racer, which will reach speeds of 55 mph, is powered by an 8 cylinder, 250 hp. 5.7 litre Mercruiser engine.
Herc” was refurbished in 2015 by Curtiss Hillman, a highly regarded Muskoka restorer.
This gentleman’s racer offers an excellent riding hull and handles rough water well. “Herc” has been boat-housed since new.
Price: $95,000. For further details and contact information, please click on the link. Ad number pb655 (Additional photos below)





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Tuesday October 27, 2015

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Our newest listing: a rare Hutchinson long deck launch; 28 ft, 1920.


Notes from the owner:
“The Queen” was built in Alexandria Bay , New York, in 1920. She is 28 ft in length, with a 6 ft. beam and draft of 2 ft. Boat and trailer together weigh about 6,000 pounds. The Queen is powered by a 4 cylinder, 63 h.p. Kermath gas engine, in excellent condition. She was at one time used by priests for transportation to an island retreat near Clayton, New York, and also for a period of time as a guide boat. Her deck was cropped off and steering was a stick!
She was once owned by Kenneth Barager of Fairport New york, and then was purchased by one of the founders of the ACBS- Walter Weber. Walter had some work done on her and she was in dry dock for a time. It was then we purchased The Queen and a total restoration was done, as we call it…a backyard restoration. We have had her for 20 years”. She has a convertible top, mahogany interior and dyed cow hide upholstery, white cedar hull and mahogany decks. A Dilly trailer is included.”(Editor’s note: at the time of the current owner’s purchase, the boat underwent a full hull up restoration, with Elco Boat Works renewing the hull, The current owner, a semi professional restorer, replaced the sides and deck, and built the seats, cabinetry,etc. with plans provided by the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton New York. This past summer, the hull was re-caulked and repainted. The owner states that boat, engine and trailer are all in excellent condition).
Price $60,000 or best reasonable offer. Ad number pb664 For additional info, photos and contact information, please click on the link. pb664


pb664-4 pb664-10 pb664-5 pb664-6

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Monday October 26, 2015

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Our newest listing: a Century Resorter, 18 ft. 1958

(Notes from the owner below)
This classic Century is in excellent condition and all ORIGINAL! Original 135 HP V6 Gray Marine engine purrs like a lion and runs like lightning! Replacement parts & materials are highest quality (i.e. Ancor wiring, gaskets, hoses, etc). Wood and planks in great shape. Includes 1958 owner’s & parts manual. Loadrite trailer included. Master mechanic approved. Will sell fast.
Price: $24,000. Ad #pb663.  For further details and contact information, please click on the link. pb663







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Saturday October 24, 2015

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A Fairliner Torpedo books a beauty treatment:

Western Fairliner-3

Congratulations to Paul Brackley and his staff at Brackley Boats for the beautiful mirror-like finish on the recently completely varnish work on this rare Torpedo. The design of these boats required the highest level of craftsman ship. (Please see the article below the photos.)

Western Fairliner-2



Western Fairliner-5

Western Fairliner-6

Western Fairliner-1

The comments below come from Allen Petrich Jr, whose father built these boats.

“…Fairliner was a division of Western Boat Building Co., founded by one of the South Slav immigrants, my grandfather.

My father was a racer as a boy and built his own hulls and hulls for the other racers. He determined to begin a pleasure boat company following the war. Many companies attempted to do so but few became as successful, Fairliner became the largest builder of pleasure boats (up to 44′) on the Pacific Coast of the US following the war until my father had a heart attack as Fairliner was converting to fiberglass. Allen Sr. was elected to the Board of Directors of the NAEBM, National Association of Engine and Boat Manufacturers, along with the Smith family (Chris Craft) Graymarine, GM, Ford, etc.

The most important part of the Fairliners are the bottom of the hull. My father did not feel competent to design a full pleasure boat line and had noticed the bottom of the hull of one of Dair’s air-sea rescue boats and contacted him for the job of designing the line, though, one naval architect told me, he is fairly sure that my father worked with Dair on construction techniques. (I do not believe Canada produced any but Dair is the designer of the famous Miami Class air sea rescue boats that the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand produced, as well as the US. The versions used by the OSS were the fastest boats of the war and one 63′ was timed by the OSS as averaging over 50 knots for three hours in the open ocean of the South Pacific on a rescue mission.

Dair is credited in high speed naval architecture classes as being the first to design the chine so that the lowest point of the chine was at the stern. My father had come to the same conclusion with the design of his first production boat, a 16′ tuna tender runabout. He and Dair were both convinced that was the way to go while all the other designers, Crouch, etc., would bring the chine up.

Now I am not sure than any of the Torpedoes has the bottom correct after all these years of sanding and reworking. Just as Adrian Newey’s Formula 1 aero, those bottoms have to be absolutely spot on. On a Chris or a Ditchburn or such, you can be “off” with not too much problem. The Torpedo, no. You should be able to run at top speed, your engine should maybe give above 40 knots, and throw the boat at maximum speed as far left or right as fast as possible and the boat will not spin or flip, it should turn right around, we called it “swapping ends”. Any slight radiusing of the chine or concavity of the bottom from sanding or other work will cause a problem. At the maneuver I mentioned at fast turn the bow should come down and plow a bit, the boat will slow a lot and you should quickly be facing 180 degrees in the opposite direction with the boat getting fast on plane. I wonder if the bottoms on any of the restored boats is correct.”

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Thursday October 22, 2015

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Dramatic Price Reduction on Stancraft Flash:
We have been instucted to reduce the price on this unique, 33 ft. 2008 Stancraft Flash to $275,000. The Flash was originally priced at $455,000. WOW!

33' StanCraft Flash

33′ StanCraft Flash

33' StanCraft Flash Hardtop close up

33′ StanCraft Flash Hardtop close up

33' StanCraft Flash Engine Compartment Ilmor Marine "Viper Engine"

33′ StanCraft Flash Engine Compartment Ilmor Marine “Viper Engine”

33' StanCraft Flash

33′ StanCraft Flash



Powered by a 700 hp Viper V 10 stern drive engine, the Flash offers a small V berth, bow rider, triple axle trailer and many extras. The boat rides like a dream. (New versions of this model retail for about $600,000) For further details and contact information, please click on the link. pb344

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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Beautiful Greavette Streamliner still available: dramatic price reduction on classic hydroplane
This stunning Streamliner is in need of a new home. Meticulously maintained, it represents the very best of Greavette craftsmanship. For further details and contact information, please click on the link. pb606

Dramatic price reduction on classic hydroplane.
We have been instructed by the owner to reduce he price on this rare hydroplane. Originally marketed at $15,000, the new price is $9,999. The beck Boat Works racer is powered by an extremely ray Mercury Keyhoffer engine. For further information, peas click on the link. pb631

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Monday October 19, 2015

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Greavette Executive sold in two weeks on Port Carling Boats website!.
Congratulations to Matthew H on the sale of his beautiful 21 ft., 1974 Greavette Executive. The boat sold in two weeks for full asking price!. Best wishes to the new owner who is shipping the Greavette to England. For details on the Executive, please click on the link.pb662
The moral of the story? Boats sell on the Port Carling Boats website)

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Friday, October 16, 2015

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Three Wooden Boat News Items at Port Carling Boats:

24 ft Shepherd finds a new home.

pb435-2-150x150 pb435-4-150x150
1) We’re pleased to announce the sale of this 24 ft Shepherd runabout, (above) recently sold by Port Carling Boats.  This beauty was wonderfully maintained by it’s previous owner, George H. Bob, the buyer, has purchased a fine example of Shepherd craftsmanship. .For a full description,  please click on the link. p435

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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Beautiful Greavette restoration:
Apparently, Greavette boats will be the featured watercraft of the ACBS Boat Show next July, 2016. (Greavette owners please take note).
A wonderful example of a rare, 1962 Greavette Flash restoration is offered by owner Greg Hogarth. This beauty features wonderful sporty lines, amazing hardware …she’s a true Muskoka Ferrari. Judging by the photos below, this Flash required a major rebuild…but what a result!
Greavette Flash-3
Greavette Flash-2
Greavette Flash-1