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Welcome to the Port Carling Boats site

August 15, 2014 in Blog

Welcome to the Port Carling Boats website! We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle. Check out our links at the bottom of this page, too!

Your source for Cottage life in Muskoka Ontario and Antique and Classic Wooden Boats

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Wednesday August 20, 2014

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More highlights from the recent MLA Port Carling wooden boat show:
We’re very grateful to our “secret sleuth” for the following description and photos of the recent antique/classic boat show in Port Carling, Muskoka.
The Muskoka Lakes Association bi-annual boat show once again wowed the huge crowds that swarmed Port Carling, thanks to a mention on the National nightly CBC news broadcast. The beautiful weather made for wonderful sight-seeing of boats like Rainbow III, which has returned home to Muskoka after 25+ years on Lake Tahoe. This year’s Theme was the Era of Elegance and there were many outstanding boats. Of particular note were…
Rainbow III, Miss Canada III, Marmilwood, Rainbow, Wa Chee We, Eaglet II, Res Ipsa Loquitor Adjea, Rambler, Wingberry and Blythwood II.
The Muskoka Sea Flea display, the Maple Chapter of the Antique Boat Motor Society and a number of antique cars added much interest to the show.

Port Carling -1port carling 2port carling 4
port carling 5port carling 7
Port Carling 8Port Carling 9

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Friday August 15, 2014

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Our newest listing:
Classic Shepherd runabout, 18 ft, 1955
This Shepherd runabout, boat house stored, comes with a glass windshield and a completely rebuilt engine.
Photos and notes from Michael Cooke,the technician, below.
“Since 2007 I have performed the following work on the 1955 18 foot Shepherd.
All the wiring has been replaced with ABYC standards. This included all new switches, all new Stewart Warner “Wing” series gauges. The electrical system was upgraded from 6 to 12 volt and a new starter and generator were installed. AT this time, a new coil and a Petronics electronic ignition system was also installed. A second, larger (1 and 1/8th” diameter.) bilge pump was installed as a back up to the main bilge pump.The fuel tank was removed and cleaned and new fuel gauge sending unit installed. The varnish on the back half of the boat was stripped and redone, due to fading and moisture blistering.. The whole boat has been varnished as well at the same time. I also changed the copper exhaust system. The engine was rebuilt by Patrick Keefe of Antique Marine Engines in Pickering, Ontario, in 2011. This included all new pistons, hardened valve seats, valve guides, valve springs and one valve. I sistered a couple of cracked frames under the engine before the engine was reinstalled in the boat.”
Price: $25,999.
For further information, please see ad number pb609 on the Classic/Antique Wooden Boats page, or click on the link. pb609

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Thursday August 14, 2014

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Antique Boat Museum’s 50th anniversary boat show in Clayton, New York
Enjoy the video (Part Three) of this special wooden boat celebration. Highlights include a boat auction, a look at “Pardon Me”, billed as the world’s largest runabout, and a bevy of beautiful wooden boats.

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Tuesday August 12, 2014

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Our newest listing: a stunning Greavette Streamliner:, 22 ft, 1953
This beautiful boat (photos below) has been completely restored, and features a West System “‘dry” hull, leather upholstery and a 1992 350/260 Mercruiser 8 cylinder engine. Boat house storage has helped to maintain the varnish finish in pristine condition. This Streamliner will inspire admiration wherever she goes.
Price:$190,000. For further information, please see ad number pb606 on the Classic Antique Boats page, or click on the link. pb606

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Monday, August 11, 2014

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The Muskoka Lakes Association Antique Boat Show: Port Carling, August 8, 2014
This year’s show featured perfect weather, a jazz band to set the mood, and oodles of delicious antique and classic wooden boats. Many thanks to the MLA for making the show possible, and to the many “woody” owners who stepped up to the plate by just being there. The show proved again that Muskoka craftsmanship is second to none.
Miss Canada IIISegwun
What a contrast…Segwun, the stately photogenic steamer, and Miss Canada III, race boat extraordinaire!
Ditchburn placardDitchburn twin engine
This incredible, twin engined Ditchburn was one of the highlights of the show.
Rambler bowRambler stern-2
Rambler, a 70 foot Polson Iron Works vessel, has just returned from a two year “make-over” courtesy of Brackley Boats in Gravenhurst. She was too massive to be brought into Paul’s shop, so work was carried out in her island boat house. She literally sparkled at the dock in Port Carling.
…More to come…stay tuned!

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Sunday August 10, 2014

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Our newest listing: a Sirius “Brown Stripe” sail boat: 21 ft, 1981
This fibreglass sailboat, always boat house stored, features a swing keel, and mast that can be lowered for easy boathouse storage, as well as a pop up top. The sale includes a 9.8 hp Mercury outboard with low hours, all sails, including the genoa, spinnaker and sail cover; head with deck discharge, stove, stern ladder, pulpit and life lines, compass, anchor and line, and four fenders
Price: $5000. For contact information, please see ad number pb607 on the Fibreglass/Aluminum Boats page, or click on the link. pb607

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Friday August 8, 2014

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The Clayton Antique Boat Show video continues!
Enjoy Part Two of the 50th anniversary of the Antique Boat Museum’s antique boat show, filmed in Clayton New York, August, 2014.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Our newest listing: a charming Maine “Peapod”
This attractive and very functional row boat is in excellent condition. Enjoy reading about the fascinating history and functionality of the “Peapod below.
Maine “Peapod” row boat, 14 ft, early 2000′s
This is an authentic wooden replica of a 14 foot Maine Peapod classic rowboat. It is a double-ended, lapstrake wooden boat in excellent condition. It includes a trailer, canvas cover and a set of handmade oars. It is a beautiful boat to row. She was built by Mike Corrigan on Wolfe Island.
Price $4500 For more information please visit ad number pb608 on the “Non-Motorized Boats” page, or click on the link. pb608
(A great description of the boat by Artisan Boatworks,can be found below.)
Peapods are one of the traditional indigenous small craft of the Maine Coast. They were developed by Native Americans before the arrival of Europeans, for use on salt water, and could be described as a canoe adapted for rough water and heavy carrying capacity, rather than light weight and portability. Originally constructed in the traditional manner using birch bark as a hull sheathing material, Europeans soon adapted them to plank-on-frame construction and for propulsion by oar and sail.
Until the advent of outboard motors, peapods were often the “entry level” fishing and lobstering boat in Maine, and were often rowed off shore in the morning with the expectation of returning under sail courtesy of the typical afternoon seabreeze. If you were caught out in rough weather they would almost always get you home safely.
While they are seldom used for work anymore, peapods represent the ultimate in a seaworthy open boat with their double-ended hull form, considerable beam, and tremendous buoyancy. They will live, on the end of a towline, when many dinghies would swamp, and this is a good thing because they are too large to bring aboard the typical cruising yacht. Despite their size, they tow with minimal resistance, and are thus one of the few yacht tenders that are usually capable of carrying a yacht’s entire crew, plus a lot of gear, in complete safety. For decades they were the typical tender for Maine cruising boats whose owners could afford something more than a minimal dinghy.
To our way of thinking one of the best things about a peapod is that they are pretty much impossible to outfit with an outboard motor. They are for rowing and sailing only. As a rowboat, peapods are easily propelled by one person, but they have the advantage of accommodating two pairs of oars and two oarsmen, when desired. You can cover a lot of ground quickly and with surprisingly little effort, with two people rowing. Peapods are typically absolutely symmetrical, fore and aft, and traditionally require a “peapod rock” consisting of a round beach stone, to weigh down the end designated as the stern, thus making the boat track straight. As a sailboat, peapods are traditionally built with neither a rudder nor a centerboard, depending on a long, shallow keel for lateral plane, and being steered by shifting crew weight forward and aft. If that sounds impractical, think again. A rudder introduces a fair amount of drag in any boat, so its absence contributes to speed. A rudder serves as much to prevent a boat from turning as to cause it to turn, and many people have been surprised to find how easy it is to make a rudderless peapod turn, tack, and jibe, and how easy it is to hold them on course with only subtle movements of the helmsman. The long, shallow keel makes this easier by tending to track straight and by causing strong shifts in balance, for steering, when weight is shifted in the boat. You could call it Down East windsurfing, good for less athletic sailors and for cold water. The usual centerboard trunk will not be missed, inside the boat. The spritsail rig has no boom, so one can easily row out of a tight spot without taking the sail down and without being hit in the head by the boom. Also the sail can be tightly furled against the mast by winding the halyard around it, a great convenience when tying the boat up at a dinghy dock or when she lies astern of a larger boat, ready to use.
A peapod would represent an excellent day-sailer or beach cruiser and would tow on a very light trailer. For the faint of heart she can be built with a rudder if desired! A centerboard would come easily, too, for better windward performance.
Joel White’s peapod, like many of his small boat designs, seems to take everything good about the type and combine it in one, very beautiful design that represents the ultimate evolution of the type to date.

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Wednesday August 6, 2014

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Antique Boat Museum’s 50th Anniversary Boat Show; Clayton New York
Enjoy Part One of this special boat show, filmed August 3, 2014. Wooden boat lovers will appreciate the scope and variety of this great event.

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Thursday July 31, 2014

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It’s Coming! It’s Coming!
The 50th Anniversary Boat Show of the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton New York, will be held this coming weekend, August 1st to 3rd, 2014.
This special time will be marked by a number of special events. Port Carling Boats will be there, representing our clients, with tantalizing photos of the wonderful wooden boats for sale on our website.
If you can’t make it to Clayton, be sure to check out our website in the week following to catch a glimpse of the show highlights.
Clayton 2014

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Tuesday July 29, 2014

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Our Newest Listing: a stunning Kavalk Kazulin Continental Classic Gentleman’s Racer, 19 ft, 1987
This stunning, classic style gentleman’s racer, powered by a 300 hp. Mercury Tempest engine, will reach a speed of 60 mph! It offers a bench seat for three in the main cockpit and a jump seat for two in front. The hull is black fibreglass over white fibreglass. The varnish on the African mahogany decks is in good condition. Both the boat and motor are in excellent condition. The green Connelly leather upholstery shows 27 years of careful use. The custom single axle trailer included in the sale comes with surge brakes. Also included is a full cover and tarpaulin.
Price:$29,992. For contact information, please visit ad number pb604 on the Reproduction Wooden Boats page or click on the link. pb604

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Saturday July 26, 2014

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Our newest listing: a classic custom Shepherd runabout, 22 ft, 1952
This beautiful classic Shepherd has been regularly maintained over the years.
The Shepherd is powered by a 125 hp. 6 cyl.Chrysler Crown engine, in great running condition.
Notes from the previous owner:
“We replaced four planks and some boards on the transom (2009). The hull is in good shape. It was re-caulked before last season. I had a new head installed five years ago. An oil leak fixed last year. Other than that the compression is still good. I refinished the boat in 2009 and then again in 2011, I believe. That was just to freshen up the varnish and add a few extra coats for depth. The interior was all redone in 2009, as well as the chrome.
The previous owner was the original owner from 1952. I do not know what they did to it over the years as they had passed away when I bought the boat. It appeared to have been well maintained.”
The current owner of the boat replaced one transom plank in 2013, repainted the bottom and had the engine tuned.
(Purchased in 2013, the current owner has no cottage or boat house to store the Shepherd, and is reluctant to trailer it regularly, though he is very satisfied with the boat.)
The Shepherd comes complete with an Eagle tandem axle trailer in excellent condition.
Price $17,999 For contact information, please visit ad number pb599
on the Classic Wooden Boats page, or click on the link. pb599

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Thursday July 24, 2014

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Our newest listing: a classic, twin engine Century Raven, 26 ft, 1960
This rare, twin engine Raven has been regularly maintained and always stored indoors. Built of African mahogany, with a beam of nine feet, it has always been stored inside. The stringers and planking are all in solid condition. The twin Buick engines were rebuilt, and have less than twelve hours on the clock. The Raven comes with a convertible top with side curtains.
(Note from Port Carling Boats…this is a lot of boat for the price!)
For contact information, please see ad number pb603 on the Classic Wooden Boats page, or click on the link.pb603

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Wednesday July 23, 2014

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Our newest listing: a charming Greavette Disappearing Propeller Boat (Dippy): 18 ft, 1954
This charming 1954 Dippy was made by Greavette Boats in Gravenhurst, Ontario. The boat is in excellent condition. Power comes from a Coventry Victor (Midget), 2 cylinder engine, 4 to 6 h.p., with recently rewound magnets.
Equipment included: hand made spoon oars to fit, 2 custom upholstery cushions, automatic bilge pump, solar battery charger, tarpaulin cover. (Join the Dippy owner’s association and have fun touring the lakes!)
Price $10,000 For further information, please see ad number pb602 on the Classic/Antique Boats For Sale page, or click on the link. pb602

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Tuesday July 22, 2014

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Our newest listing: a Peterborough “Lakeside” Cedar Strip Runabout: 15′ 3″, 1952
This functional runabout was refinished in 2013 and has been stored ever since. It was professionally inspected in 2013 and found to be in excellent condition. (One transom board was replaced). The boat features Brayden Boy steering controls and Johnson engine controls. The pressure tank diaphragm and gaskets have been replaced in the fuel tank. The 10 h.p. Johnson engine received a new impeller in 2013, and the points, condenser and timing were reset. The Peterborough comes with a home made trailer in good condition. (New, wider Trailer Blazer tires were installed in 2013. The boat is in excellent condition. Everything looks great and runs even better. The Peterborough is located in Ottawa, Ontario
Price: $4300. Ad number pb600
For contact information, please visit ad number pb600 on the Classic/Antique Wooden Boats page, or click on the link.