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Our newest listing: Aviator Orville Wright’s historic sedan cruiser.
This beautiful vessel was purchased and used by Orville Wright, famous aviation pioneer, for years at his Georgian Bay Island retreat. For this reason alone, “Kittyhawk” has immeasurable historical value.
The Gidley Gull, (32.5 ft. 1929), was purchased by Orville in 1931. In 1941, an 8 cylinder, 100 horsepower engine was installed in the launch. However, the Second World War precluded Orville from further boating on the his special island. He died in 1948.
Following a period of storage and neglect, two saviours, Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone, (Kittyhawk’s current owners) came to the rescue! Recognizing the historical importance of the boat, the Johnstones commissioned an extensive restoration, beginning in 1974. No expense was spared in bringing Kittyhawk back to pristine condition. Since that initial restoration, further restorative efforts were undertaken in 1988 and again in 2006. In 2011, Kittyhawk was certified to be in “excellent condition.”
To label Kittyhawk as an historical treasure is an understatement. For further details on this “once in a lifetime” vessel, and a link to the Kittyhawk website, please see ad number by 582 on the Classic/Antique Boats website, or click on the link. (Photos below) pb582
SONY DSCpb582-10

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