Cosine Wherry, 14', 2017


Boat Details

built by Steve Faber, design by John Hartsock
rowing wherry
Beam (width):
Hull Material:
western red cedar hull
Storage History:
stored one season indoors
mint; new construction

Additional Equipment & Accessories

Included in Asking Price:
three custom oars, custom cover and collapsible framework, (with internal bungee cords), custom trailer with folding tongue
Available at Additional Cost:

Asking Price: $12,500

Posted Date:July 27, 2018

Stunning custom Cosine Wherry: 14 ft, 2017
Notes from the owner below:
Hello and thank you for viewing this ad.

I am selling my recently completed 14′ Cosine Wherry Row Boat. I have been a professional woodworker for over 35 years and built my first canoe when I was 18 years old. I am very meticulous and can assure you that the utmost care and quality has gone into the construction of this boat and it’s custom made oars. The Cosine Wherry was designed by John Hartsock and plans provided by J.D. Brown’s book, Rip, Strip and Row. (The wherry will also take up to a 4 h.p. short shaft motor.) The Cosine Wherry is a slick, streamlined vessel with beautiful lines that is a rower’s dream. It measures 14′ with a 52″ beam, weighs in at about 110 lbs and has a 500 lb. plus displacement. I began construction part time in September of 2015 and completed the vessel in late July of 2017. The vessel has been tested 3 times since its completion under varying conditions for a total of about 6 hours on the water. First, early August of 2017, its maiden voyage as a single rower in flat water. Second, late August of 2017 as a single rower and overloaded with 4 adults and a total of 610 lbs. in rougher conditions. The boat was then stored indoors for the winter until this July 2018, where it made its third test as a single rower with two passengers in very windy conditions. The boat performed flawlessly in all three tests. It is very saddening to sell it, but like all of my projects, they are done for the woodworking experience and as a project, and eventually all but a few get sold.

The Boat

The Wherry is constructed of 1/4″ cove and bead, clear (BC) Western Red Cedar strips glued entirely along its length; South American Mahogany gunwale spacers, nose cap, transom cap, transom gussets, seat supports and boots, and seat gusset cup holders; White Ash gunwales, seat components and keel along with African Paduk accents on the upper hull. The transom is constructed of 5/8″ marine plywood. From waterline to waterline, the outer hull has three layers of 6 oz fibreglass cloth and West System epoxy and two inside as per plans. The upper sides have a single layer of glass inside and out. After the glassing process, the entire hull, inside and out was then coated with three additional layers of West System epoxy. All additional internal/external structural components such as gunwales, seat supports and boots were epoxy glued and added after the hull was sound. This is so that in the future, any repairs or modifications can be done without compromising the hull itself. From the water line, inside and out, the clear epoxy is sealed with two part epoxy marine sealer to insure the hull is water proof. The outer waterline portion of the hull was then painted with three coats of deep blue marine polyurethane and the inner floor coated with the same marine polyurethane in white. The keel, added after the hull construction, is a sacrificial part of the boat, meaning it takes the brunt of any damage and can be can be replaced without compromising the hull’s integrity. The bow and stern seats are Western Red Cedar and the three central seats are a Cedar/White Ash lamination. All seats are glassed and epoxied with the bow seat opening to access a small storage compartment. The boat itself, seats and support components are all encapsulated with epoxy and all natural wood areas are coated with 4 applications of UV enhanced Marine Varnish. Gunwales, seats, handles and oar locks are additionally fastened with stainless steel screws. All pre-drilled assembly holes including the brass runner strip on the keel were sealed with epoxy during fastening to insure they are water tight. The transom is fixed with two 3/8″ UHMW plastic plates for protection when mounting a motor. Yes, this boat can take up to a 4 hp short shaft outboard, but I think a 2.5 hp is much more suitable in size and weight. It is an absolutely stunning vessel and if you want to make a statement on the water, this boat will do it! It is currently set up for single rowing but tandem rowing can be achieved with the addition of two more sets of oar locks and appropriately sized oars.
The boat can also be reconfigured for a sliding rowing seat.

The Oars

The three 9′ custom-made spoon oars were another project all together and are specifically sized for the central single rowing position. They are multi-laminated with absolute attention to grain direction for strength and flexibility. The oar shafts began with a light weight Western Red Cedar core, followed by two thin White Ash and single African Paduk strips for stiffness and strength, and then capped with black cherry. A custom lathe was built for the tapering process to insure they are balanced and uniform in shape and size. The spoon blades are steam bent, laminated cherry and white ash, glassed and epoxied. After the shafts and blades were complete the oar shaft tips were tapered to create a long, strong bonding surface for the blades to the oars. Complete glassing of the joint and wrapping of the shafts insure great strength and flexibility. After all of the epoxy work was complete the oars (except the handles) received three coats of UV enhanced marine varnish. The oars were then wrapped with 1/8″ leather oar guards and stops with a herring bone threading pattern. The result is an absolutely stunning and functional set of oars. These oars are valued at $850 each, plus taxes.

The Trailer

The boat comes with an all new, custom built trailer that is as solid as a rock. Made from welded 1/4″ X 2” X 3″ and 1/4″ X 3″ X 3″ steel tubing. The trailer is painted white with wheel fenders, heavy duty rubber rollers, pressure treated and carpeted sleds, a hinged tongue, lock, winch and three 12″ tires with grease buddies on the axle. The trailer has a total of 90 km on it, only used to transport the wherry to and from the reservoir for testing.

The cover and support frame

The custom Cosine Wherry travel and storage cover is made of waterproof high-strength woven polyester and was done by a local upholsterer. It is shaped to the lines of the boat and fits snugly using a 3/8″ diameter elastic band around the bottom with two strap clamps for added holding power. The cover really protects the natural woodwork from the sun’s harmful rays. To insure water run off, I constructed a collapsible PVC framework that is easy to take apart and set up. Some simple bungee cords hold the framework in place and secure the oars internally at the same time.

*Being sold as a Total Package Only*

14′ Cosine Wherry
Three Custom Oars
Custom Cover and Collapsible Framework (+ Internal bungee cords)
Custom Trailer with Folding Tongue

Asking: $12,500.00 Ad number pb833

PS: I would consider a trade for a 15′ or 16′, outboard bow rider style, fishing/pleasure boat package of equal value. The boat is currently located in Stratford, ON.

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Contact Name: Steve
Current Location of Boat: Stratford, Ontario
Phone Number: 519-301-2619 ()
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