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New price on custom Gentleman’s Racer.

March 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Custom Gentleman’s Racer: 20 ft. 2010

We have been instructed by the owner to reduce the price of this one-of-a-kind Gentleman’s Racer. Originally priced at $235,000 CDN, the price is now $179,000 (negotiable).  Please see note from the owner below.
“After 6 years of working on evenings and weekends,  David Young’s Gentleman’s Racer is finally complete.(2010) David, now 58, started building boats with his father in the basement of their home, at the age of 14. After working at many boat-building companies, over the years, including Windsor Boat Works in Gravenhurst, and the last 9 years at Duke Marine in Port Carling, Ont. David decided in 2003 to build a 20’ Gentleman’s Racer of his own. Powered by a 350 cu. in. Mercruiser 350 HP Fuel Injected “Black Scorpion”. This virtually brand new boat is one a kind, with many personalized upgrades & hardware castings that were first carved from wood by David himself. Additional information is available, regarding the special features and materials used.” For more information please contact David through the link here.  Ad number pb418 . (More photos below)


Ad number pb418Ad number pb418

by Rob

A new hydroplane is underway in Honey Harbour, Georgian Bay.

January 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

McCullough hydroplane

Congratulations  to Bill and Mike McCullough, who  are building this race boat in  their Honey Harbour shop this winter. Bill is the builder with Mike as side-kick.  Bill worked with Vic Carpenter, (Superior Sailboats) for many years in the 80s and also worked for Gary Clarke for a few projects where he gained the knowledge of fine boat building.
This hydro is a new build and a copy of a 1936 Bruce Crandall design 135 CU Inch Stepped Hydroplane Race Craft. Originally these craft were 15′. The McCulloughs  “jumbo-ized” the plans and made a 19′ version, using white oak frames and western red planking for looks and lightness. In between each frame are two steamed oak ribs. Planking will be West System affixed and copper riveted for extra strength and amazing looks. Bill and Mike are choosing a modern Chev. 350 magnum EFI for a power plant, which certainly will make it fly! It is a proven hull and will be a joy to run. The McCulloughs will have the the boat completed for Spring of 2018. The hydro will be tested and up for sale. For further information, please contact Mike at at islandmike2(at) to set up a viewing.

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A Wenonah II experience and a new Muskoka arrival

June 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

No doubt passengers on the Wenonah II were surprised and delighted when a stranger attempted to board the vessel in the most unorthodox means imaginable!
Winona 2

Race boat arrives in Muskoka:
Look what has found its way to Muskoka this past winter…none other than the race boat Obsession,

Obsession is a 2i foot, 1946 Gar Wood, hull number 7115, a modified Speedster design, with a single single aft cockpit.
Her bottom has been modified to a shingled/stepped hydroplane.
She features a Honduras mahogany hull with Spanish cedar “steps”.

Obsession is powered by a Chevrolet 510 cubic inch marine stroker motor, boasting 630 HP!. WOW!

Her prop is a Menkens high rake 3-blade, 13×17 cupped.

Obsession has been tracked at 75 mph on GPS at the 2004 Detroit Gold Cup.
Let’s hope we see and hear her at the ACBS Boat Show in Gravenhurst this coming Sat July 9th, 2016.


by Rob

First Time Boat Builder Creates a Masterpiece

May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Congratulations to David Harrison, of Orangeville Ontario, on the completion of his first boat. To see this 16 foot Gentleman’s Racer, you would think that David had been building boats for years…
Gentleman's racer-1
Dave has completed this wonderful John Hacker design Gentleman’s racer, complete with 90 hp Chrysler Ace engine with 6 volt power. He fabricated everything for the boat, including the steering
wheel that was incorporated into a Model T wheel frame.
Follow the sequence of photos below to appreciate the patience, skill and determination that went into this build.

Gentleman's Racer-2

We used oak door skins for templates to install the planks

Gentleman's Racer-3

16 ft. African mahogany planks arrived . We began milling them to the proper size.

Gentleman's Racer-4

…began to steam the transom planks

Gentleman's Racer-6

Decking complete!

Gentleman's Racer-7

Gentleman's Racer-8

The Chrysler Ace engine is installed

Gentleman's Racer-9

Grid flooring will allow for greater air circulaiton

Gentleman's Racer-10

Voila! Masterpiece completed!

by Rob

Delta: another mahogany racer par excellence

February 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Delta side

Delta is an 18 ft. Class 225 cubic inch Class Ventor (Apel) designed racer built by Minett-Shields in 1936. She was originally created for a customer on Lake of Bays who won a World Championship with her at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1937. Delta was originally powered with a 175 h.p. Lycoming engine. Her hull design is still used today. Delta, fully restored and operational, is still an exciting boat to watch as she reaches into the 60 mph range.
Delta at Clayton
Delta stern

The design of Delta, patent #2, 126.304 could be purchased from Minett Shields in varying stages of completion at incremental price increases or as a finished boat.
A semi finished hull could be purchased for $790, a complete hull for $1,575 and a “ready-to-race” boat with the Lycoming engine could be yours for $2,450! It is a testament to Bert Minett’s craftsmanship that this boat is still with us in 2016, eighty years after her “birth”. Some would say that this very rare Delta type design is the most sought-after wooden boat ever built world-wide.
Delta 6

The early  photo below shows “Astrea” one of the three boats apparently built to the 18 ft. Ventnor (Apel) design by Minett-Shields.  It is conceivable  that Astrea might be Delta, in it’s earliest manifestation. There is one  noticeable difference however: canvas, rather than wood, is used as a stern cover,  presumably to reduce the weight of the boat.