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“Newly minted” pilot builds Gentleman’s racer with monster engine!
 Congratulations to Nicholas Unger, who has recently graduated as a pilot and also built a 15 foot, 6
inch “Cracker Box” with a V8 325 hp. inboard engine (so he can simulate
flight training on water.!!!) Nick took a year to build this boat in his dad’s shop.
He removed part of the show room and the lunch room to accommodate the boat,
Needless to say,  with a demanding course load as a pilot and
building a boat you have to admit Nick gets things done..

Nick is presently completing the windscreen and doing a varnish job on the boat
before he brings it out this summer.

The racer  is very fast,  a blast to drive and has rewarded Nick with hours
of fun.
PS: If you happen to need a pilot  or know of anyone hiring a pilot please let us know.
(Photos below)

Nick Unger's Cracker Box Gentleman's Racer

Nick Unger’s Cracker Box Gentleman’s Racer

Nick Unger racer 3 Nick Unger Racer 4 Nick Unger Racer 5 Nick Unger racer

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