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A Fleet of Dispros on Lake Muskoka

August 26, 2021 in Uncategorized


It was a typical summer Saturday on Lake Muskoka. Wake and wave board boats and jet skis crossing the lake.  A few sailboats took advantage of the gale force winds. For those on shore, a soft, persistent and rhythmical motor noise emerged from the otherwise constant din.

It was the putt-putt sound of the Dispro engine. With massive flywheels to keep the cycling going, these little engines sound almost cartoon-like in their primitiveness. Maybe it is the absurdity of these little boats bouncing along in the waves, but they never fail to receive smiles and high fives. Heads cranked around cell phones came out to catch the flotilla of 16 Disappearing Propeller Boats.

A Dispro tops out at about 7mph. They roll through just about any wave carrying four people with a fearlessness that defies their small stature, but the ancients knew something that was missing in a fast-paced modern life, even a century ago. It isn’t just about arriving, but how you enjoyed the trip. The Dispro is all about the journey.

Clearly the smiles from spectators reinforce the appeal.  Attracting ownership and participation from all walks of life, the Dispro is a wonderful equalizer of sorts.  The cruise brought members from as far away as Niagara-on-the-Lake to join in the spirit of the Dispro.

Gathering at the island park, Johnston’s Park, on Eilean Gowan Island, the Dispro flotilla passengers all have at least one thing in common – the simple joy this boat brings to those who fall for it.

By Tim Du Vernet

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