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A Summer for Youths to Look Forward To

April 5, 2022 in Uncategorized


I have just heard the official word: The Muskoka Sea Flea Fest is on this summer. It will be held July 23rd at Rockhaven Inn on Kashe lake. Chris Taylor, one of the organizers of the event and a mainstay in the club said that he is excited to get the group back together again for their annual celebration of kid-like silliness and fun.

For many a young boater, the sea flea was the first taste of boat motoring speed thrills. All it takes is a pint sized two-cycle outboard on the transom of a wedge-shaped piece of plywood for a youngster to go literally screaming across the lake. A few ripples add to the fun. Naturally, as boys and girls get bigger, so do some of their toys, but the essence of the fun remains.

The Taylors have been successful in keeping the sea flea club focused on the roots of this fun, without getting carried away with excessive power and speed. A core element of this formula is playing with vintage outboard engines. The historic power represents a continuous link to the boating history and a reminder of the simple fun that can be had with a few horsepower. Nevertheless, electric power is here and plans are already available. John Pursley from Hawthorne, Florida has taken the iconic 14′ William Jackson designed “Three Point Sport Hydro” and brought it into the world of Sea Fleas.

The Sea Flea fest is very much a family affair and the club has an enthusiastic following of all ages. Chris Taylor points out that there are very few “regulations”. It’s all about the fun.

By Tim Du Vernet

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