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1955 Century Coronado


Boat Details

Beam (width):
Hull Material:
Storage History:

Engine Details

Chrysler Hemi
Maximum Speed:
Hours on Engine:
Fuel Type:

Trailer Details

Axle Type:
Brake Type:
Weight Capacity:

Additional Equipment & Accessories

Included in Asking Price:
Two covers & Trailer
Available at Additional Cost:

Asking Price: $14,800(CAD)

Posted Date:March 14, 2022

Restored 1955 Century Coronado with dual carb 331 Hemi. Are you looking to get into wooden boating and need a family friendly boat? This is your boat. The perfect buyer for this boat is someone that needs seating for 8 and can store the boat in the water. And if you’re a first-time wooden boat owner I know exactly what you’re thinking. Does this boat have a bone-dry bilge? No. But guess what? None do. What? Every boat, (not just wood boats) on earth has a bilge pump because every boat in the world has water in the bilge. $5 million sportfishing boats have water in the bilge, your grandpa’s Jon boat has water in the bilge. Does water in the bilge matter? I used to think so—until I bought a wooden boat. See, you feel perfectly fine with the entire outside of the hull being covered in water don’t you? But any water in the bilge feels wrong. It’s a mindset that changes once you OWN a wooden boat. But what you also need to know is that this boat sat in the water for the last three years (aside from winter haul-outs for maintenance). In fact, having it in the water is the best thing you can do for a wooden boat. This boat was previously restored and was then used sparingly for years until I bought it in 2017. It was an extremely nice restoration as evidenced by the brand new interior, excellent varnish and hand built motor. It was in very good shape when I got it, but I stripped it down and did a bunch of maintenance and made it ready for daily use. I cleaned and painted the bilge, inspecting it along the way and found it solid throughout. I then changed all the wiring in the boat to marine certified wiring and added a modern fuse block. I added two bilge pumps, a large capacity one with Ultra Bilge Pump switch (doesn’t clog) along with a back-up pump and switch. I moved the battery to the center of mass of the boat to reduce it’s movement and upgraded battery cables. I added a charging cord for the battery with a quick disconnect (I had a small solar panel connected to keep the battery charged). I re-chromed the dash trim and replaced the wiring on the gauges. I added storage compartments/trays for life jackets, tools, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and horn. I replaced the factory gray vinyl with a faux teak foam that doesn’t show dirt. I rebuilt the carbs and then put on six coats of varnish. And then I used it like it was supposed to be used. But we sold our lake house, intending to move and then decided not to buy another one and the boat is for sale. It has a 331 Hemi with dual carbs and runs 43-45MPH. It has an aluminum fuel tank with a new filter. It starts easily, hot or cold. The two axle trailer has new lights and wood/carpet steps. The bearings have been adjusted and greased and the brakes bled. It pulls easily and smoothly. I haven’t weighed the whole set up but my guess is that it weights 4000-4500 lb total. The boat has a full length water line cover for when the hardtop is installed. It also has a day/week cover that snaps on the windshield and back chrome trim (this fits with hard top off). In prep for sale I added two coats of varnish and cleaned and detailed the entire boat. What a potential buyer would want to know:

-The gauges don’t work, water temp and oil pressure worked before I changed the wiring but inexplicably stopped working when I removed the older, corroded automotive wiring. Go figure.

-Its got an original style bottom that is not 100% water tight.

-The swim ladder on the back is purely decorative

-It needs two more steps to be easily used (unless you’re a gold medal gymnast).

-I recently changed a couple of planks and didn’t fair them as perfectly as I could’ve. And the varnish is just acceptable but not as flat as glass (but again, this is a user boat). The covering boards are black and are similarly not perfect.

These boats are typically priced $20-25k but I’ve priced this strongly cause I need it gone!

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Contact Name: Andy
Current Location of Boat: Atlanta, GA
Phone Number: 4046683766 ()
Alt. Phone Number: ()
Contact Email: dr.andyandersen@gmail.com
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