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Clean-up After the Winter

May 28, 2021 in Uncategorized


In a recent blog, I mentioned some of the mechanical areas to check that I have experienced, when getting my Dispro ready for summer. We ran a similar checklist with our SeaBird. Rob Gerig, owner of The BoatBuilder shop in Port Carling suggested some addition steps that owners can take. While a Dispro’s device has lots of little bolts that may need tightening, Rob also suggested checking the grease and tightness of rudder mechanisms in launches.While it takes a few days for a wooden boat to “take up”, Rob pointed out that making sure your bilge pump is working could be very important, especially in the spring! It is also a good idea to check to see if mice or other critters have enjoyed the insulation on any wiring and that your riding lights and other electricals still work properly.

Larger launches have lots of glorious varnish, which can get wonderfully dusty and collect hand prints, among other things. Rob recommends washing with a bit of Sunlight dish soap, to help cut grease in particular. He says that Sunlight is a very mild soap and shouldn’t harm the varnish. Lots of water and a soft rope mop should do it. Then the chamois to dry it all off.

Chrome is another challenge. Sometimes a bit of Vaseline in the fall helps to keep the chrome from dulling or oxidizing, but what do you do to polish it? Soap like the Sunlight dish detergent is a place to start. Otherwise, baking soda or specialized chrome polish will do. A key element is a soft cloth and to avoid build up. Dispros have more brass than chrome, so it wasn’t much of an issue with chrome. But a 36’ launch can have lots of sparkling chrome!

By Tim Du Vernet

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