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Emily May

January 11, 2022 in Uncategorized


A real estate ad in the 1979 Muskoka Sun promotes 220’ of Muskoka shore and a three-bedroom cottage for $113k. Was it ever possible? Ralph Hunter of Muskoka Water Ski services explains the correct hand signals for the water skier. Jeff Land shares instructional advice on how to get into sailing and correct strategies for different points of wind. Ada Mackenzie’s shop promotes that latest in “fairway flattery”.  It was also a time when renewed interest emerged in historic sites such as Woodchester Villa in Bracebridge and the Bethune House in Gravenhurst. Both were receiving restorative attention and remain informative sites in their town. Such was the promoting of Muskoka 40 years ago.

If you stretch your reach 100 years earlier, you can read promotional news from The Northern Advocate beginning in the late 1860s. Stories tell about the latest happenings at the Sabbath School Night of Entertainment, which was held to raise money for the school library. There is discussion about the importance of immigration to Canadians and the “successful working of this scheme.”  It also tells the story of latest developments like the construction of the steamships, such as the Nipissing. Mr. McMurray, author of the article writes that she will be powered by a low-pressure steam engine manufactured by Messrs. F. G. Becket and Co. of Hamilton, Ontario.

The Nipissing was to be the equal of the “Emily May”, a steamer that serviced Simcoe and Couchiching. “She would be the model of design, comfort and beauty, being an exact copy of the “Emily May”, only 1/6th smaller.

By Tim Du Vernet

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