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Family history linked with boat history

June 21, 2022 in Uncategorized


Cameron Peck’s collection included some of the most dramatic and spectacular boats of the day.  He purchased some of the boats as they came available; others he ordered directly from Minett; and some were built for his parents.

According to John Peck, Cameron Peck’s nephew, Cameron’s passion for Muskoka came from his parents, who first came to Muskoka around 1910.

John Peck explained “David Billings Peck (my paternal grandfather) and Janet Cameron (from Toronto) met in 1908 at Fox Point Resort, where both of them were vacationing. Janet’s sister Constance was also there at that time and met her future husband, Grieves Robson, a steamboat captain on Lake of Bays, that same summer. That expanded our family’s relatives to the Robsons (such as Rev. John Robson, who baptized me in Baysville) and the Walkers.”

John explained that “as far as I know, the following boats were built for Cameron:  the Allez series of sea fleas, Cetus (our work boat), Astrea and Astrea II (his racing boats), and Lightning. Other family boats, like Scud and Scud II were built for my grandparents. Altair was commissioned by my grandparents as my father’s 18th birthday present.”

There is no longer a direct family connection to the Peck boats, all having been sold, but the legacy lives on in the photos and the memories of John, those who knew the family and the boats or were lucky enough to see John in Altair at the Baysville Boat Show many years ago.

By Tim Du Vernet

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