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Friday March 8, 2013

March 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

A Port Carling Seabird story:
This 18 foot Port Carling Boat Works triple cockpit Seabird was purchased in the mid 1980’s in the condition you see it here; stripped for re-sanding, with the hardware removed and the engine in pieces on the floor (with the oil filter housing full of sand. (an ominous sign!)  The owner at the time,  (the late Don Godding) had purchased it from a retiree who wasn’t sure of it’s original history. Don, who didn’t have the time to complete the boat,  sold it to Rob A. for $2500 as it was.
(Photo below)   (Story to be continued)

Port Carling Seabird, 18 ft.

Triple cockpit Port Carling Seabird, 18 ft.

Even Rob’s “spousal unit” (alias, “she who must be obeyed!)  was coerced into helping with the sanding!

Triple cockpit Seabird under restoration

The “spousal unit” assisted with sanding the Seabird!


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