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Gold Cup Boats in Muskoka

September 21, 2021 in Uncategorized


The racing heritage of Muskoka boats is always a popular topic, especially through the 1920s to 1960s with the Rainbows, the Shadow series, the Miss Canada’s large and small boats, and her successors. There is nothing like the thought of screaming along the water at record speeds to get the adrenalin going. Some might feel that it’s fortunate that this doesn’t happen anymore.  There are other vintage racing boats as well, that are replicas of Gold Cup boats from other builders and boats that were built emulating Gold Cup styling, but in modern form.

All this is to say that a reader corrected me in the heritage of Rascal. Vic Carpenter’s connection to her was believed to be in restoration. According to Hydroplane History, in 1926, Rascal was part of the line-up of 1926 Detroit Sweepstakes – Gold Cup Class. Also in the line-up were Rowdy, owned by Carl Fisher; and Horace, owned by H. C. Dillman. Rascal was owned by Caleb Bragg. There was also a 1933 Baby Gar raceboat named Rascal at one time. Known as “Empty Pockets” at one time, this Baby Gar race boat would set a record in the “Round Manhattan Race” in 1936.

The styling and design of many of these boats has been both the inspiration and a source for replicas ever since. Rascal looks as modern as any boat today.  Pistoff, Vic Carpenter’s design, continues to be a dramatic statement of fine craftsmanship in wood-working. It may have been his way of showing the long deck crew, that it is possible to be innovative in style and design of wooden boats.

By Tim Du Vernet

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