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Hybrid World P.2

October 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

So what is the ideal craft for the conversion from gasoline to electric power? A boat that will maintain a steady and moderate speed, where space and weight offer options for storing batteries and mounting the motor without requiring much modification.

Enter Gladys, a 1947 Greavette Dispro. The conversion did require some necessary transitions for Gladys. Some she was happy about and others, we shall see! Of course, there was no longer a need for her gas tank, but she did acquire two large battery packs which were placed just ahead of the dash.

 Her gasoline-powered motor was also removed and in its place, an electric motor that attaches directly to the drive shaft. Tom Wood noted that one of the great benefits of this electric system is the ability to have reverse! Dispros originally were never given the ability to go in reverse since there is no transmission. Pull  the crank, drop in the prop and away you go. They do have the capability to go slightly sideways though.

Wood estimates that the total added weight might be a bit over 100 lbs. He has yet to test the limits of the batteries and notes that driving a bit slower does yield much longer run times. Mike Windsor, in Gravenhurst, did the installation of the electrical bits. Mike will share his experiences in another blog. His quirky sense of humour gave the parts some fun labels, such as the “Dilithium crystals” powering the boat. These are, in fact, lithium batteries, not Star Trek power packs!

By Tim Du Vernet

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