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New Boats Can Become Classics

July 1, 2021 in Uncategorized


Who is to say that only a “old” wooden boat is a classic? At some point in time, every boat was new. From another perspective, it is possible that so much of an “old” wooden boat has been replaced in restorations that only the dash plate and serial plate are original.

What makes a boat classic is a good question. Some designs have come and gone without much notice or interest. Some of these become rare collectors’ items with a value more toward their rarity than genuine character. Others have become a universal style that has made a successful transition through generations. The long deck launch and Dispro are examples of such a design.

A boat recently built from scratch, the replica, or a custom build has much to offer as well. Modern construction methods can be used that create a more carefree use as well as hull and performance attributes that aren’t stuck in the 1920s.  Living it up like in the “Roaring Twenties” and putting on the glitz like a Manhattan celebrity are fun concepts for sure. Paul Brackley is a Gravenhurst builder who is currently finishing a brand new launch that combines modern nautical design and construction with the aesthetic appeal of wood.

The invention of the planing V hull is nearly a century old and considerable progress has been made in the 100 years. Imagine a boat that was custom built with modern features, in exclusive numbers that handles like a modern boat should, and sparkles with the textures of stained and varnished wood and polished chrome. There are now many examples of these modern classics.

By Tim Du Vernet

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