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Our ACBS Home Shop Boat Tour Continues…

November 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Our secret sleuth, N.H, continues his home boat shop tour with a visit to a fabulous vintage boat gallery in Barrie, Ontario

The Peter Moore Collection at Carpe Diem Wood Boat shop in the centre of Barrie.

“This facility is located in an innocuous single storey industrial building with a large overhead door and single entrance door. Apart from the Carpe Diem Wood Boats shop sign, this space could be any plant in any city. However, behind those doors is a wonderful white-walled, polished concrete floor, and a pristine building, so large that a bus could perform “donuts” in it and not contact Peter’s amazing collection of boats. He also has a large pool-like setup with two overhead gantries that allow him to move and soak his boats in water.

Currently in the tank is his award winning 1921 JJ Taylor Heldena III, immersed to swell up prior to usage. This large shunting area for the boats also contained a number of boats and engines. Directly across from the tank was a large dual-engine Shepherd 25 foot+ runabout. and a Glen-L Monaco that was being built by a friend of Peter’s.

Beyond the main room with the “soaking pool,” lies Peter’s extensive collection of boats – nine or ten watercraft, which includes a number of immaculate dual engine Shepherds, a 1935 JJ Taylor Toronto Harbour Police boat,(approximately 30+ feet with a working siren) and Copy Cat, a 1998, 25 foot Hacker Craft. Also included in the colleciton is Rambler a 1918 triple cockpit launch that I recognized from several boat shows. Peter purchased Ramblerat the Clayton Boat Show auction in 2016.

This facility is a spectacularly spacious venue for art-pretending-to-be-boats! It was quite an art gallery. I thank Peter and his family very much for sharing his collection with us.

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