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Tuesday March 12, 2013

Chris-Craft Cabin Cruiser reaches the “home stretch.” The mid 1930s, 36 foot Chris-Craft cabin cruiser in the photos below is reaching the final stages of its top to bottom restoration. The engines are reinstalled, the roof re-attached and ten coats of varnish have been applied (at nights and on weekends to keep the dust down!). […]

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Monday March 11, 2013

30 ft. Hacker Craft Triple cockpit sells at Amelia Island Auction. The mesmerizing Hacker-Craft triple cockpit runabout in the photo below sold at the RM auction on Amelia Island last Saturday for a whopping  $242,000 (including a buyer’s premium. ) That’s about $8,000 per foot of boat! Obviously, not everyone is still hurting form the […]

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Sunday March 10,2013

Seabird Story continued: After about four months of part time work on refinishing the Seabird, she was loaded on her trailer and driven north to Mortimer’s Point on Lake Muskoka, where Don Mortimer cleaned up and re-installed the four cylinder Buchanan engine, the peripherals and  a new drive shaft.  Finally in the water, her beautiful […]

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Saturday March 9, 2013

The Seabird story continues… After sanding was completed,  (the former owner had used a wood bleach to lessen colour differences in the mahogany planking) Rob applied a coat of Brown Mahogany Z-SPAR Filler Stain to the bare wood.  This was a scary process…once you’ve applied stain, you can’t easily remove it, even if you don’t […]

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Friday March 8, 2013

A Port Carling Seabird story: This 18 foot Port Carling Boat Works triple cockpit Seabird was purchased in the mid 1980’s in the condition you see it here; stripped for re-sanding, with the hardware removed and the engine in pieces on the floor (with the oil filter housing full of sand. (an ominous sign!)  The […]

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