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Summer’s Quieter Pleasures

  There are so many ways to enjoy summer in Muskoka for wooden boaters, beyond the social gathering of the boat show.  As every Dispro owner will tell you, it isn’t about speed or the destination, it is about the journey. Each new cruise in a Dispro yields a new discovery. The moments of contemplation […]

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Summer’s Fun

  This summer, unlike any summer before, is full of unknowns. So many events are waiting to hear whether it will be feasible or even possible to open. July is most likely a write-off for big events that draw people together. Boat shows, concerts, possibly even summer camp, are not possible.  The regattas of August […]

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Clean-up After the Winter

  In a recent blog, I mentioned some of the mechanical areas to check that I have experienced, when getting my Dispro ready for summer. We ran a similar checklist with our SeaBird. Rob Gerig, owner of The BoatBuilder shop in Port Carling suggested some addition steps that owners can take. While a Dispro’s device […]

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Preparing For Summer

  There is nothing more exciting or depressing than firing up a wooden boat after a long winter’s nap. An antique boat with a period engine requires a bit more attention than a modern fiberglass boat might. The wood, an organic material is decomposing, even though it is mostly sealed in varnish or perhaps encased […]

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Human Powered Craft

  I covered a small taste of my passion for rowboats in a series of blogs a few months ago. The world of canoes and kayaks is another one all together. How many of you have TWO canoes in your living room?? I have a 1950s Peterborough Otonabee on a stand over an entrance and […]

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