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Beacons of Light near Rosseau

  Navigation on the lakes of Muskoka is generally a predictable experience. Boaters are advised: Don’t get too close to shore and stay on the correct side of markers. The buoys and markers on the lake aren’t overly complicated to figure out, even without charts. There are a few head scratching channels, however. Driving through […]

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Boats of the ACBS Show July 9

  It has been a while since we saw The Antique Classic Boat Show boats in person. This year it’s happening July 9, at the Gravenhurst wharf.  It is always a special experience to see these treasured antique boats arrive and take off.  The anticipation is especially high after the two-year COVID hiatus. It hardly […]

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Calendar is Filling Up

  They may be little boats, but they command a fair bit of attention and a lot of devotion. Disappearing Propeller Boat owners like to use their boats and this summer will be a busy one. Several UUMMTs, or Misery Tours for short, have been planned for this summer and the regatta is on as […]

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Flipping Nika Over

  How do you turn a 37’ boat upside down in a boat shop? Of course very carefully.  I witnessed this amazing demonstration of co-ordinated team work and understanding of mechanics at the Boat Builder’s shop in Port Carling. For Rob Gerigs and his team, it took almost two hours from start to finish, but […]

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Wide at the Beam

  The Disappearing Propeller boat looks like a simple craft, pointy at both ends, with a rudder at one end with a flag pole. They look like an oversized rowboat, including a slot for oar locks and oars. But there is so much more to a Dispro. I would venture to say that there is […]

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