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Continuing the Journey of Rowing

  In my last blog, I forgot to mention a key difference between the lapstrake skiffs built in Muskoka and the rowboats from Peterborough and Lakefield. Peterborough  and area rowboats are smooth skin. The planking is made of narrow strips that run the length of the boat and do not overlap, like Muskoka skiffs. Another […]

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What Makes a Skiff Special

  In my last blog, I discussed the skiff or row boat. All the historic boat builders of Muskoka made their version of this classic boat design. Built using a design method that is as old as boating, the Muskoka skiff is built from cedar and oak. Mahogany may have been used on some boats […]

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Collecting and Enjoying the Classics #2

  Introducing our Feature Writer – Tim Du Vernet We are absolutely delighted to have, as our featured writer for Port Carling Boats, Tim Du Vernet. Mr. Du Vernet is well known in both photography and boating circles as professional and knowledgeable in both areas. His striking and illustrious photos have graced exhibits, posters, Wooden […]

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Collecting and Enjoying the Classics

What makes a classic boat worth owning, collecting and restoring is ultimately a very personal decision. At one point, the boats we call “classic” today were new and yet to be considered a classic. In the next few blogs, I would like to review the idea of “classic” and the different styles of boats built […]

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Over this past decade…

    Over this past decade, we have had the unique pleasure of Rob Attfield’s work at Port Carling Boats .com. It was through his exceptional talent and energy that you, the reader, have been treated to videos of boat shows, tours of boat-building enterprises, well written descriptions, and entertaining posts. When I, or for […]

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