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Concerning Electric

  The last two blogs have covered the topic of converting a Dispro from its gasoline engine to electric. Owner Tom Wood, who has a second Dispro as well, a 1918 Port Carling boat, prefers his electric Dispro to the gasoline one. It is much quieter, no need to haul gas tanks around and the […]

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LandOLakes Boat Show is Always Exciting

  While the rest of us in Canada are suffering through extraordinary heat and no boat shows, the LandOLakes Boat show on Gull Lake in Minnesota was full steam ahead. As one of the last hurrahs of summer, there is a special sweetness to the event. I have been to it a few times and […]

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Boats Turning 100

  Could the wooden boats of Muskoka ever last 100 years? At one time it was almost unthinkable, unimaginable that the wooden boats would get THAT old. While from the point of view of a teenager, it seems incredible, but for more and more aging boat owners, not so amazing anymore! One hundred years ago, […]

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Sloping Transoms

  What do you call the rear end of a car? Its transom, stern, trunk? I was looking at photos of Caprice, a one-off 1936 Minett-Shields runabout, when I was reminded of how styling in boats and automobiles were so intertwined. Cars of the 30s featured sloping “sterns” like Caprice. They were also full of […]

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The DOA, UUMMT on Lake Muskoka

  What is the DOA and a UUMMT, you ask? The DOA is the Disappearing Propeller Association. A UUMMT is otherwise known as a Dispro boat cruise. There are words like misery, unauthorized and trip in there too. This was the first UUMMT for DOA members since 2019, due to COVID restrictions. Members were excited […]

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