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Dramatic Grain

The Disappearing Propeller Boat is an iconic a craft to Muskoka as are the majestic launches. Those long deck launches are still remembered by a few for their days of service ferrying passengers to and from the grand hotels. Once upon a time, the 36’ Ditchburn and Minett-Shield launches were elegant water buses. Henry Wilson, […]

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Seaflea Extravaganza

  It’s official. This may be the summer of the Sea Flea. The Muskoka Seaflea club is planning the largest in-water regatta of home built and vintage seafleas in Canada. Period, full stop! Mark your calendar. Saturday, July 23rd at Rock Haven Inn on Kashe Lake, from 10am to 4pm. Chris Taylor, one of the […]

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A Man and His Toys

  Does the child in us ever leave? For some, the childhood passions just get bigger. Richard Tatley, the author of the Steamships of the Muskokas, is not only passionate about steamships, but also model railways. Richard has spent 16 years building a model electric railway system in his basement. Richard explained that the extensive […]

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Boatbuilding Tools: Planes

  All planes are designed to scrape off a smooth strip of wood in one way or another, but the problem with all but one kind of plane is that you can plane to a butted edge if necessary. Planes also come in different sizes from 1 to 8, using the “Stanley” numbering system. Stanley […]

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Who Was A. P. Cockburn?

  The origins of Muskoka, of course, date well before the arrival of Europeans, the time before shoreline developments, hotels and steamships. Much has been written about the history of Muskoka and the stories typically involve commerce, transportation and recreation. The Steamships are a major part of that story as has been told before, especially […]

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