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Putting the Pressure On

  Steamboats are ever appealing for their historic connections and harkening to the earliest days of the Industrial Revolution when manufacturing was evolving beyond just a concept.  The idea of propulsion that is independent of any natural force such as wind or current was an elusive concept until the steam engine. Seraph, a 21’ hull […]

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All Steamed Up

  Most wooden boats are currently powered by internal combustion engines, otherwise known as the ICE. Increasingly electric power is being chosen as a source of power. There was a time when the external combustion engine, as in steam, was a frequent choice. The Segwun is perhaps the most well-known steamboat capable of full operation. […]

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Courting Canoe Heritage

  There is something eternally romantic about floating gracefully along in a boat. While we don’t have too many willows bending over a sandy shoreline, Muskoka still has lots of romantic options available. A beautiful little canoe at the Muskoka Boat and Discovery Centre demonstrates just how focused a craft could be in the name […]

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Ancient Canoes

  Just how old is a canoe? Some boats have serial numbers stamped on their hulls somewhere that include a clue to the date. Commercially built canoes from Peterborough, Lakefield or similar may come with a company plaque that may have this information nailed on to the deck. Even rowboats built by commercial builders of […]

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Ski Boats are for Sissies!

  The Ski Nautique and similar purpose built ski boats are for those who are scared away by a challenge. With purpose built power, the hull to match and all the modern advances available, where is the real challenge with all these advantages? Once upon a time, the family launch did dual duty as the […]

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