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Price reduction on “double-ended skiff and a correction to recent Grew “Jolly Giant” ad

April 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

To anyone who had tried to contact Mike M regarding this Grew “Jolly Giant” (photo above), please try again. The email link in Mike’s ad was not functioning. That problem has been resolved. A secondary phone number has also been inserted in the ad.

Grew Jolly Giant: 23 ft. 1953
Notes from the owner below:
“This “barn find”  Grew is a true Georgian Bay boat.  I have a complete survey from May 2016 by David Buchanan. He went over every inch of this boat and found it to be in sound shape. Bottom and side planks are all rot free and ribs and frames the same. The Grew received a market evaluation of $45,000 to $55,000

The boat is in need of a total paint and varnish job and new upholstery too. I put the Jolly Giant into the water last summer and got the engine working like a top. I installed a new gas tank, filters and carburetor.

The motor is a Buchannan 283 v8 and looks like and runs like new. I did a compression test and all cylinders are perfect.  (The engine is a Chevrolet small block V8, marinized by Buchanan, and installed in the 1960s). Running time on the engine has been low since installation.

This boat would be easy to complete cosmetically.  The price compares very favourably with the two other Jolly Giants on your website.”

Price: $25,000     For further details and contact information,  please click on the link.    Ad number pb848
Additional photos below

NEW PRICE on Double Ended Skiff

We have been advised by the owner of this “double ended” rowing skiff. Originally priced at $2,500, the new price is $2,000. For further details and contact information, please click on the link. Ad number pb824 (additional photo below.)

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