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Riding on Sunshine Part 2

October 7, 2021 in Uncategorized


In a recent post, the Duke Playmate was introduced as an ideal candidate for electrification because of its size and configuration.  Stan Hunter has converted a number of Playmates and he took me out for a quick ride in his “demo”.  She rides much like a regular Playmate and instead of the gas tank, you have specialized batteries. Instead of the Buchannan Midget, you have an electric motor.

Stan hints about a huge advancement that will make lithium batteries next to obsolete in their current configuration. He mentions the costs of extraction, the challenges of recycling and limitations of duration. Aluminum ion batteries claim to charge 60 times faster and hold more energy than lithium. We shall see what he has to present in 2022, “when I hope to be the first to demonstrate it here in Canada”, says Stan!

In the meantime, Stan’s configuration uses four lithium batteries that are 200 amps and 24 volts in pairs for a 48 volt system. There is a motor, a controller and the batteries. Stan points out that a person clever with technology and electric power could likely create a similar system to what he has sourced as a complete kit, but he believes would take a few years to sort it all out.

Stan also points out that the beauty of an electric yacht motor is that it can be directly inline with the coupling, in the same space as the old motor and take up a fraction of the space and be one third of the weight.  It is a relatively simple affair to customize and fit into the Playmate.

Here is a link to the boat in action: https://youtu.be/AgnyZdHyH94

By Tim Du Vernet

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