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Saturday March 9, 2013

March 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Seabird story continues…
After sanding was completed,  (the former owner had used a wood bleach to lessen colour differences in the mahogany planking) Rob applied a coat of Brown Mahogany Z-SPAR Filler Stain to the bare wood.  This was a scary process…once you’ve applied stain, you can’t easily remove it, even if you don’t like the colour.   Luckily, the mahogany choice “worked”, although it was likely lighter in colour than the original coatings applied to the “Bird” by the manufacturer.   (Points lost at judged ACBS events!)
Eight coats of varnish applied with a foam brush followed the staining, with the first coat thinned by 50%.  (The author was recently advised that succeeding coats should also have been thinned in decreasing amounts for the first three or four coats)
Meanwhile, new mahogany rub rails had been shaped and steam bent and later applied, using a length of eves trough down-spout in a pot of boiling water over a Coleman stove!
The last coat of varnish required extra care to prevent dust in the final finish. The boat was wiped with a tack cloth, the floor sprayed with water, and the “Bird” was enveloped in a plastic tent.  The final result was a mirror-like finish with almost no flaws, although Rob failed the common sense precaution test by neglecting to use a respirator during the final application.
The photo below shows the partially finished varnish job on the Port Carling Seabird>

Port Carling Seabird in resoration

Port Carling Boat Works Seabird undergoes a refinishing


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