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Smaller Boating Treasures

August 2, 2022 in Uncategorized


Who wouldn’t like to have a glorious wooden launch or sailboat? The wind in your face, the feel of the wood under your hands, the rush of power are all very alluring. This sense of craftsmanship can be enjoyed and experienced at a much smaller scale for the creative of mind.

Big launches, such as the hotel and livery boats are certainly grand and offer a special experience, but what about the storage and maintenance? Thirty-six feet is a lot of boat for which to find a home. Models can offer some elements of the wooden boat experience. Worth Repeating, a shop of treasures in Bracebridge has one such item available.

There you will find the model of a vintage Maine folk Friendship Sloop. At 42” from stern to stem and 42” tall to her mast, and a beam of a foot, it is a reasonably big item for a table, but would make a nice display statement or a fun boat to play with. Especially considering the gaff rigging, with three hand stitched sails, a cabin and many fine details.

Proprietor Karin Nickel explained that this model, named St. Frederick, is hand built of wood. The design is a direct descendent of the Muscongous Bay Lobster Smack from the mid 19th century. These boats were developed in the late 1800s for fishing and lobstering and were prevalent in Muscongus Bay, located on the East Coast, north-east of Portland, Maine. They had sleek lines and were fast sailing with two wet tanks to hold their catch. Model kits are available for those wanting to build their own, but this one is a working model with an electric motor.

By Tim Du Vernet

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