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Summer Begins in the Sun

March 22, 2022 in Uncategorized


For those of us north of the 45th, we have to wait until the ice goes out to launch. But for the residents and visitors of Florida, the annual Sunnyland chapter of the ACBS offers the chance to celebrate antique and classic boating.

The annual celebration of antique boating happens March 23 to 25 at Lake Dora, Tavares, Florida. The event includes a full fleet of boats and automobiles as well as educational seminars. And special to this show is a display of woody automobiles. A collection of amphicars also turns out and it is always fun to watch them splash into the water after driving off land with their four wheels and then have the propeller take over.

Promo information says this is the largest antique boat show in America, with nearly 300 boats on display and close to 100 vendors that all attract upwards of ten thousand visitors.

The show is a great way for northerners to shake off some snow and to get in the mood for boating again. You know you will meet a number of fellow boating friends from all parts of North America and get a chance to see some special boats as well. From antique outboards, race boats and cruisers, all will be there.

This is the 41st show for the Sunnyland Chapter and the 14th held at Tavares. For the adventurous, it’s only a 2000km drive from the slush of Toronto to the sun of Florida at Tavares.

By Tim Du Vernet

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