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Summer’s Fun

June 1, 2021 in Uncategorized


This summer, unlike any summer before, is full of unknowns. So many events are waiting to hear whether it will be feasible or even possible to open. July is most likely a write-off for big events that draw people together. Boat shows, concerts, possibly even summer camp, are not possible.  The regattas of August are probably too uncertain to plan.

Of course that doesn’t mean that summer events can’t still happen, but in a different form. Last summer proved that the boat tours were a successful option and the water is still there to play on and in, whether with power or by human effort. The good news about the boat tours is that they promote social distancing as well as good causes like wooden boat heritage and fund raising, where connected. Some of these events are still being developed, but notice of a “Poker Run”, raising funds for the CNIB camp on Lake Joseph, has gone out for July 10th. Chris Bullen is lead man. I’m sure it will be fun for all!

The tours last summer were great fun, especially for the participants. Unlike a boat show, where owners lay out their boats for others to view in a static manner, the boat tours show the boats in motion, which gives a much better sense of their nautical character. Planing hull boats vs. displacement hulls look very different underway. The ideal cruise would separate boats by hull design and have the different designs come together at bridges, where speed isn’t a factor. More of summer’s events coming up.

By Tim Du Vernet

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