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Summer’s Quieter Pleasures

June 4, 2021 in Uncategorized


There are so many ways to enjoy summer in Muskoka for wooden boaters, beyond the social gathering of the boat show.  As every Dispro owner will tell you, it isn’t about speed or the destination, it is about the journey. Each new cruise in a Dispro yields a new discovery. The moments of contemplation aided by the soft putter of the one or two cylinder engine and the gentle wiggle of the hull are the perfect cure for what ails you. Speedsters should take note. What would you like to leave in your wake? Exhaust, noise and turbulence or just a few ripples? This should be the summer to go slow and to realize the remarkable gift of Muskoka and its waters.

This summer, I plan to explore several areas I haven’t been to in a long time. It might be by kayak, canoe or Dispro. Every summer I aim to paddle the Shadow River a few times. It is still a tranquil oasis of natural greenery. There are also a few smaller lakes and even ponds, that I have never paddled before, especially south of Gravenhurst or near Huntsville. Each of these areas has a distinctive shoreline and horizon that makes them special. I hope to get a few steamboat rides in as well. There is nothing like a ride in a steamboat to be reminded of how much we take for granted our sources of energy. It would be wonderful to put together a “cruise” of human powered boats. Send us a note if this would be of interest and I will put together an invitation.

By Tim Du Vernet

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