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Sunday May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Congratulations to Jamie Smith and the Miss Canada IV team for their continuing refinements with Miss Canada IV.  As you’ll read from Jamie’s newsletter, the team continues to work out the “glitches”. It appears that Miss Canada IV will really be “ready to rock” on July 6th at the ACBS race-boat show in Gravenhurst this summer.

To All Our Miss Canada IV Friends,

We have just completed 2 ½ days of testing in Muskoka Bay. As I write this note to you I am glad that we have a day off … because it’s snowing in Muskoka on Sunday, May 12th!

Weather was not an issue for our testing as you will see from the attached photos! Testing is exactly that … testing. We started by running the boat at idle rpm which is 27.5 mph. We checking all fittings for leaks (we found one small leak). We checked all the gauges for temperature, pressure and boost. Once that was completed we added speed and quickly determined that we had a cooling issue.  So, it was back to the dock at the Muskoka Boat & Heritage centre. We put the boat away, called it quits for the day and went for a working dinner.
On Friday am we made changes to the water/cooling system, checked the boat again and waited, and waited, and waited for the rain to stop. Testing Miss Canada IV meant that we needed a crew of volunteers to helped us with our “on the water” testing. They provided the safety boats (we had three) and the Toronto Outboard Racing Club provided their rescue boat. All in all we had more than 16 people out on the water, plus a few spectator boats.  So late Friday afternoon we made the decision to test our cooling fix in the rain. Out we went! We found that our cooling modifications had improved on our problem, but, not enough to be able to run the boat at speed. So, back to the warm and welcoming MBHC and more discussion.
By Saturday am the weather had improved. Again we worked on the cooling system and made a major change. By noon we were back on the water. The change helped significantly … still more work to be done though. The changes gave us the opportunity to take the boat out in the afternoon to do the “poster shoot” for the ACBS Toronto “ The Greatest Boat Show in Canadian History” on July 6th at a target speed of 60 mph; planning speed.
During the 2 ½ days of testing we had many Friends visit. I can’t name them all because there were a lot plus my memory is not that good; but among our many friends were two very special guests, Will and Mike Braden whose father Bill Braden drove Miss Supertest I formerly Miss Canada IV.
Some of the attached photos are mine (need a new camera … thank you Friday rain), Tom Adams, and Tim DuVernet.
To-day, is as mentioned, a day off. The Test Team will meet tomorrow morning to review yesterday and determine the plans for this week. We still have a lot of work ahead of us! To put “testing” in perspective. When Bobby Genovese acquired Miss Canada IV, he got a hull with no engine and no running gear. So with the help of Tom Adams and his team, with the help of the Hydroplane and Race Boat Museum, with Peter Grieve’s engine knowledge, Norm Woods & Harrys racing knowledge and some Friends in New Hampshire who gave us some “plumbing” help, we are systematically working to provide Mr. G with a boat that runs like she ran in 1950.
ACBS Toronto is going to post their boat show registration package this week at www.acbs.ca. Make sure that you book your events asap because this show is going to be a sellout!

Tim DuVernet will have a number of photos posted on his website shortly. www.duvernetphotography.com

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