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Sunday November 3, 2013

November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

J-Craft Boats on Display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show:
The J-Craft boat on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is so sumptuous that even Riva owners will sit up and take notice. The photos below (and article in the online Gentleman’s Journal) tell the story. This vessel gives new meaning to the word “opulent”. With a top speed in the 40+ knot range, the J-Craft Torpedo is very aptly named.
J Craft J-Craft -3

J-Craft Torpedo-2 J-CraftTorpedo

We all have dreams of La Dolce Vita. Sitting aboard a boat, just off the Amalfi coast, sipping a vermillion-brilliant Campari and soda and dangling our feet into the warm, azure water. Somehow, in this dream, it is always the 1950s. The girls (oh look, there’s Grace Kelly) are clad in cool cotton shirt dresses while we listen to Jazz and get salt-spray on our linen shirts.

The thing is, this doesn’t have to be a dream. J-Craft, the luxury boat company, has just the thing to make this vision of Talented Mr Ripley-esque perfection a reality. The Torpedo is exquisite. It’s a boat that’s a lot more than a boat – like all the best brands (Barbour, Hunter, Gieves and Hawkes) it’s a lifestyle.

The best thing about it is how stylish it looks. It’s not at all kitsch, and yet does retain a certain Golden Age glamour, with its gleaming polish and classic lines. Nevertheless, it’s fully kitted out with all of the mod-cons you’d expect from a J-Craft vessel: both heating and air conditioning are available, and on-board CD and DVD players come as standard.

As for the living quarters: the Torpedo comfortably sleeps four adults (and a captain). There’s also a neat wet room for freshening up before stopping for supper in, say, Monte Carlo, as well as a spacious deck for entertaining. At 41ft, it’s big, but not grandiose. Its cruising speed is 44 knots, and it has a range of 350 nautical miles – enough by far for a pleasant trip around the Mediterranean.

Last, but perhaps even most exciting, of all: the Torpedo can be built almost entirely to your specifications. Using the online configurator you can check out what it would look like with different colours, how much it would cost with different roof attachments and exactly what you want from this modern classic.

The J-Craft Torpedo starts at €850,000. For more information, visit j-craftboats.com

By Violet Hudson

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