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by Rob

First Time Boat Builder Creates a Masterpiece

May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Congratulations to David Harrison, of Orangeville Ontario, on the completion of his first boat. To see this 16 foot Gentleman’s Racer, you would think that David had been building boats for years…
Gentleman's racer-1
Dave has completed this wonderful John Hacker design Gentleman’s racer, complete with 90 hp Chrysler Ace engine with 6 volt power. He fabricated everything for the boat, including the steering
wheel that was incorporated into a Model T wheel frame.
Follow the sequence of photos below to appreciate the patience, skill and determination that went into this build.

Gentleman's Racer-2

We used oak door skins for templates to install the planks

Gentleman's Racer-3

16 ft. African mahogany planks arrived . We began milling them to the proper size.

Gentleman's Racer-4

…began to steam the transom planks

Gentleman's Racer-6

Decking complete!

Gentleman's Racer-7

Gentleman's Racer-8

The Chrysler Ace engine is installed

Gentleman's Racer-9

Grid flooring will allow for greater air circulaiton

Gentleman's Racer-10

Voila! Masterpiece completed!

by Rob

Thursday November 13, 2015

November 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

The ultimate Torpedo stern classic
Billy Bea-4
For those of us already dreaming of the 2016 boating season, there’s nothing like a bit of wooden “eye candy” to whet our woody appetites. This Earl Barnes torpedo stern triple cockpit racer really fits the bill. Likely the best boat ever built by Barnes, this 1935, 24 foot work of art represents the very finest in craftsmanship and design.
Billy Bea-1

Biily Bea-2

Billy Bea-3

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