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by Rob

Thursday January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Heldena II: one-of a kind Gold Cup Race Boat:
Heldena II gas (2)
The mirror finish reflects a smiling Peter Breen filling up Heldena II. Designed in 1915 by George Crouch and built and delivered in 1916, this proved to be one of the longest campaigned Gold Cup boats of the era.
Matt Fairbrass discovered a derelict Heldena in a Scarborough, Ontario back yard. His story is below
by Matt Fairbrass:
“I found Heldena in about 1976 rotting away in a backyard in Scarborough on a side street that was off Brimley Rd. They widened Brimley Road about that time to create Bluffer’s Park Yacht Club. Once the road was done you could see into everyone’s backyard. I was not old enough to drive but spotted this huge boat under an old tarp. I kept an eye on the boat for several years. it belonged to a fellow named Fred Brough. Fred was a junk collector who bought the boat for $250.00. He hauled her home and it sat in his yard until 1984, when I was finally able to purchase her. I knew nothing about the boat other than it’s name and some little bit of history. I found that Helen Miller (ed note: a relative of the first owner) was still alive and met with her several times. She was a wonderful lady with many great stories of the boat. My father Alan and I put in hundreds of hours in her careful reconstruction and research. Sadly my Father passed away in 1992 and the boat was stored for some time until Mike Windsor of Windsor boats helped to finish off the majority of the planking and hull. Unable to continue with the project I decided to sell her and she was purchased by the McGraw family.
That is how Heldena II survived the scrap heap.”
Breen Boats-2
(Ed. note: Peter Breen was involved in the completion of this beautiful racer.)

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