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by Rob

Best wishes to our clients and viewers; plus Muskoka boating news.

December 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

To our viewers and clients:
All the best during the holiday season – with a warm wish for a happy and healthy 2017.

On a not so cheerful note…
A devastating fire ripped through Stan Hunter’s Milford Bay boat shop this month. Stan will rebuild and hopes to be open again for the ACBS spring tour in April, 2017.
Also…work continues on “Rita”, a 50 ft Minett cabin cruiser built in 1914! The woodwork on the boat is basically completed. Engine installation awaits. See the video below for both stories.

by Rob

The Ventnor Boat Company

February 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Ventnor boats got their start way back in 1902,  in, (no surprise)  Ventnor,  New Jersey. Over the years,  the company became know for its lightning fast custom speed boats.
The company was esteemed for it’s highly competent engineers. It’s racing hulls were used to establish new world speed records. Among  Ventnor’s champions was Sir Malcolm Campbell’s “Bluebird”, which at one point in time was the fastest boat in the world.

During World War II the Company converted production to warships…large rescue boats and sub chasers. One of the innovations from the war was the use of lighter weight plywood for construction.

After the war years, Ventnor built many kinds and sizes of boats, enjoying a solid reputation as a builder of fine vessels.
The photos, below,  kindly submitted by Tom Sweeney,  show a complete restoration of a 1947 Ventnor.  Judging from the shots, there wasn’t  much of the original planking and frame left to restore! What is apparent, as well,  is the inherent strength of the skeleton of these speedboats.
Ventnor-1 1947 ventnor 4 1947 ventnor shear coaming 1947 ventnor 3 1947 ventnor 2


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