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by Rob

Monday March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s Coming! It’s Coming…the 2016 Sunnyland Boat Festival at Wooten Park, Tavares Florida, March 18-20.
This festival is one of the largest shows in the USA. The warm, sunny weather, a usual feature of the show, is a big draw for winter weary enthusiasts from the Northern States and Canada.
To register, or for further details, visit the Sunnyland Chapter Antique and Classic Boat Society, at http://www.acbs-sunnyland.org/

Enjoy the video and still from a previous Tavares show blelow

by Rob

Our newest Listing: a beautiful Duke – 19 ft. 1950

March 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Duke utility: 19 ft., 1950
This Duke is a beautifully restored and maintained example of wooden boat craftsmanship. The Duke is powered by a 75 hp. 4 cylinder Grey Marine “Phantom” engine, which was completely rebuilt (including the transmission) by Parry Automotive in 2013.The boat itself has undergone a total restoration with the exception of the upholstery, which is in good original condition. The sale includes a custom, single axle bunk trailer and a full cover. Owner must sell.
Price $21,500 obo. For contact information, please click on the link #pb680 (More photos below).

pb680-6 pb680-2 pb680-3

pb680-4  pb680-7





by Rob

“Dix:” a testament to progressive design in a gentleman’s racer

February 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

In 1927 Bert Hawker designed the twenty-one foot, torpedo-shaped hull that still defines the standard by which other boats are judged.
Dix 4
There is something inherently perfect with the Dix’s lines; from her nearly straight side planks to the gentle camber of her deck, which uses both light coloured spruce and dark mahogany to highlight her distinctive design.

Dix 7

“Dix” was a huge leap forward in boat design in 1927. Even today very few builders will attempt such a project, because of the difficulty in executing both the design and the construction. The Ditchburn brothers, Dix’s builders, were second to none in either design or execution.
Dix 6

One of the most interesting features of “Dix” is her external, “dagger-board-like” rudder which extends from the pointed stern and is moved through a wire cable mounted in a circular, grooved mechanism. The high gloss metallic finish of the rudder acts as a mirror to almost reflect the beauty of this boat.
Dix 5
Having an F-6 Scripps engine roar from its side mounted exhaust ports is a race-boat symphony. Owning that boat and engine in 1927 would be akin to owning a Bugatti Veyron today.
It is very gratifying to know that Dix has returned to Muskoka. We hope that she will be seen again this summer on the waters of Lake Muskoka.

Dix 1 Dix 2 Dix  3

by Rob

“Cash Injection”… a Peter Breen masterpiece.

February 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

Cash Injection -2
Some regard Peter Breen as “the Ditchburn Doctor,” while others might conclude that he is an artist with wood – or perhaps a mechanical Einstein. Cash Injection makes a very strong case that he is all three of the above.
Mr. Breen, who built and owns Cash Injection, is considered by many to be the finest boat builder in North America, if not the world. His vast experience in the restoration of Ditchburn boats has directly influenced the production of Cash Injection.

Peter started building this twenty-eight foot boat in 1997 and finished it in 2003 when he took the boat to Florida twice, taking three awards. Cash Injection showcased his craftsmanship as well as the Hacker hull design.
Peter’s production methods also replicated the process by which Ditchburn boats would individually customize a boat to an owner’s specifications.
Cash Injection-1
With a 500 hp. engine, Cash Injection is a very powerful boat. The John Hacker inspired hull design handles with ease and precision in turns and when wide open. The roar of the engine growls from the custom-cast exhaust ports. All the hardware on the boat is sand-cast with bronze, then polished and chromed in the same manner that the Ditchburn brothers employed.

From the bow lights to the chocks, the cleats to the horn and the folding windshield to the five gauge grape leaf dash cluster… the steering wheel, throttle, steering controls and outboard rudder; it is all hand cast from wood molds. The molds are placed in sand casts, then liquid bronze/brass is poured into the molds which are cooled and sanded, then polished and readied for chroming. There are no easy short cuts in this process and it is done beautifully.
Cash Injection 3
Every detail of Cash Injection is meticulously reviewed and executed with precision, in keeping with the Ditchburn boats of the 1930s. Hundreds of hours of painstaking detail work are apparent, from the varnished, mirror-like finish on both the exterior and the interior hull, to the bilge and the engine compartment. Even areas not open to inspection offer the same level of commitment to perfection.

Mr. Breen has shown Cash Injection at a number of events and has won many awards including Clayton NY, Gravenhurst ACBS shows, and MountDora, Florida, where she won the ” Master Craftsmanship Award”.

Although Cash Injection has seating similar to a triple cockpit, a sunshade cover and a mother in-laws seat, she runs like a missile. She is also very much a race boat.

The Ditchburn brothers would be very pleased to see both the work and the client-first focus of Peter Breen and his team.
Cash Injection-4
It should be noted that Peter Breen’s restoration work encompasses all of the original boat builders in Muskoka, including Minett Shields, Greavette, Garwood, JJ Taylor, Clive Brown, Duke, Sea Bird and numerous famous US builders.