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by Rob

A Peterborough Handyboy rises from the ashes!

September 16, 2016 in Blog

Congratulations to Ken Robinson of Owen Sound Ontario, who is reaching the final stages of restoration with this 1960s Peterborough Handyboy.


The Peterborough arrives at Ken’s shop

Questions to Ken and his responses are below:


The dismantling proceeds.

Is the Handy Boy a 15 footer? Yes minus a couple of inches for previous and new transom


The new transom is prepared and fitted

Is the interior of the boat coated with epoxy or polyester resin and/or varnish?
Interior has 3 coats of CEPS (Smith’s clear penetrating epoxy sealer) and 4 coats of Epifane clear varnish


The interior is finished with penetrating epoxy sealer and varnish.

How many new planks and ribs were required?
47 new ribs, 22 partial planks (about 13 sq. feet) Total of over 2000 clout nails.


47 new ribs and 22 partial planks

Any idea how many hours you spent on the boat during the process?
So far 680 hours of mostly pleasure. Most people think of it as work, but not so.

Several photos show the upturned hull with fibreglass cloth on the bottom. Did you use a polyester or epoxy resin on the hull?
6 oz. woven cloth with 3 coats of West epoxy resin over 3 coats of CEPS (Smith’s clear penetrating epoxy sealer) Painted with Epifane marine enamel
If you don’t mind me asking, do you have any idea of the funds required to complete a restoration of this nature? (I don’t mean to be “nosy”, but that information is very helpful for other potential restorers.
Initial purchase of boat and 1964 28hp Johnson (now for sale) was $850. So far I have spent $3500 on material, fasteners and suppliies (sandpaper, brushes etc).
Note to potential restorers: This is Ken’s first boat project. For a “beginner”,  it certainly appears that he has done a wonderful job! Ken is willing to share more information on his project if it is of interest or helpful for others embarking on a project. Contact this website for Ken’s contact information.

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