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The Band Saw

March 15, 2022 in Uncategorized


The band saw is one of the most versatile wood cutting tools in a boat building shop. It usually stands out for its size and strange look. It obviously gets its name because of the continuous band of steel with the cutting teeth on one side. It is a mainstay in most wood crafters shops and it may have a story of its own.

The band saw in Stan Hunter’s wood shop was covered in sawdust, as is appropriate, but underneath the saw dust is a bit of a story. The story from Roy Davies, the surgeon of steam, the legendary crafter of steel in Muskoka, explained Stan, was that his bandsaw was originally powered by a steam engine that delivered it power via a very wide leather belt and that he had the steam engine that was connected to it. The bandsaw frame is marked with “Carleton Place ONT” and it came from the Findlay Stove Factory, according to Stan. The Findlay Stove factory is a very old business that begin in 1876 as a result of the hard work and initiative of David Findlay of Paisley, Scotland, who emigrated to Canada in 1858.

Stan also pointed out that the bandsaw is one of the safest tools in the shop because it is less likely to kick out a cutting. The table saw, on the other hand, can be very dangerous. A guide can be clamped on to the cutting table surface to help maintain a straight cut. Replacing the blade is a big job that requires ensuring correct tension and alignment through the cutting guide.

By Tim Du Vernet

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