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Tuesday October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

ACBS Toronto Fall Workshop at Woodwind Yachts
Many thanks to Ken Lavalette and his knowledgeable staff for a rewarding and informative day spent with wooden boats this past Saturday. The workshop featured instruction on removing fasteners from unwanted planking, applying new planks, varnishing techniques, tool sharpening, care of brushes, steam bending, boat licencing and a myriad of other restoration details. (Ken also makes a mean bowl of chili!) It was really worth the drive to Nestleton.

Woodwind’s famous reproduction Peterborough IMG_3335

This sleek 30 ft. Dragon class racing sailboat (above) sets the standard for streamlined design.

The Hacker design gentleman’s racer below, (built in the 1990s) was in for a new transom and additional work. Inadequate ventilation was mentioned as a likely contributing factor to the premature wood rot.

Steve used this 22 foot Greavette (below), in for a major restoration, as a model to demonstrate fastener removal and new plank installation. Steve emphasized that adjoining planks must butt together across the full thickness of each plank, not just along an edge.

Woodwind Yachts staff make use of electric heat guns (below)  rather than chemical strippers, when possible, as they are less messy and require less cleanup.  A note of caution when stripping paint or varnish from marine plywood: excessive heat may cause delamination of the layers.  Apply heat gently!


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